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  1. B

    3-tier stand and full brewing set-up for sale

    Not sure if this the correct place to announce the sale of my all-grain brewing system - but if anyone is interested in talking about it I’d appreciate hearing from you and telling you all the parts and pieces I am selling. Picture shows 3-tier set up and some of the kegs and carboys … Cheers
  2. N

    Is my tap water usesless for brewing?

    Hi all! This is one of my (if not THE) first posts and if there is a good answer in some of the other threads I apologise but I haven't found a clear answer. So I moved to a house with very hard water. It tastes good but I get a taste in the brews that's not quite pleasant. It's not awful...
  3. Mattyg91

    Alcoholic Root Beer Recipe?

    Hey everyone, I want to make an alcoholic root beer for 4th of July and I’m having a really hard time finding a recipe. Does anyone have a good 5 gallon recipe for an alcoholic root beer? I don’t want to use an extract kit if necessary as I usually brew all grain. I cannot find a clone recipe...
  4. Mattyg91

    Fermentation help!

    Hi everyone, on Saturday I performed my first all grain brew. It’s a smash American pale ale, and I substituted the US – 05 yeast for Kveik. This is a 5 gallon brew. The first 24 hours brought A LOT of action. More action than I’ve ever seen from another yeast. However, less than 36 hours...
  5. Golddiggie

    For Sale NH - Electric brewing gear (3 vessel system plus)

    Looking to sell off my electric brewing system as well as all related gear. Need the space for other things, as well as to recover SOME of what I've spent to put into the new house fund. Since I haven't used any of this gear since December 2021, and the reasons listed above, time to sell. IF I...
  6. W

    For Sale All Grain Equipment For Sale in Charlotte, NC Area

    All-grain homebrew equipment for sale. $600 for everything, individual pricing below. Hand built, goof quality equipment. If you built this now, it would cost over $1200. This system served me well for years...ran above 75-80% efficiency. Everything brass, glass, copper, or stainless except for...
  7. S

    California In CA for sale all grain brewing set up

    Too much stuff to list but I paid $3k over the years for it all. Will take $1k if you pick it up. Chino hills,CA. Text 626-367-6295
  8. T


    BLICHMANN ENGINEERING 5 GALLON GAS HERMS PRO PILOT SYSTEM - $3,000 Complete system includes everything you need to brew all grain. I bought this system new two years ago and it is in pristine shape. This system new cost more than $6,000. Mash Tun: 10 gallon BoilerMaker with AutoSparge and...
  9. P

    Complete all grain eBIAB system

    BIG price drop. Looking to move this quickly! Selling a complete all-grain electric brew-in-a-bag system, along with a ton of extras (including an entire extra gas-fired system!). Asking a pittance ($399 OBO). Strong preference to sell EVERYTHING at once. Sadly selling because I've run out of...
  10. Heitdj22


    Things I have decided on is 2 vessel (15G each) 1 pump rims tube and k-rims hybrid setup. My kettle port locations are below. I am going to be doing a electric setup. In the BK, I will have a 5500W 240V element. I will place the rims tube with a 1600W 120V element and flow from the BK to MT...
  11. mccamich

    Mash Out or Batch Sparge (cannot do both)?

    I'm brewing a 12% abv Belgian Tripel soon that I've brewed a couple of times with good success. My mash tun isn't large enough to allow me to do a mash out AND a batch sparge so my question is...would it be better for the brew if I mash out and skip the batch sparge, or skip the mash out and do...
  12. TwoBeagles

    Connecticut Brew Magic by Sabco $3,500 (Stamford, CT)

    Gently Used Brew Magic brewing system from Sabco. Always brewed in an insulated garage, and won many homebrewing medals, including the coveted gold medal from the AHA’s National Homebrewers Competition. NG (natural gas) ready but can by converted to Propane (will included the parts). Brew...
  13. eomeyers

    Texas Houston - Sabco Brew Magic V350MS (2014), Blichmann 14gal Fermenator, all tri clamp fittings, stand up freezer w/digital controller. $5000 pickup only

    Fermenator fits perfectly inside standup freezer for spot on fermentation temps. 5k includes Blichmann Therminator (& homemade backflow cleaning valve arrangement) & march pump. Got married, had kids, no time to brew anymore... various other equipment available, make me an offer: Tri tap...
  14. F

    Dough Balls & Mashing

    No this isn’t an anti-Pilsburry Doughboy post, lord knows we could all use with a couple more of those crescent rolls in our lives. No this is about those balls of crushed grain that form in your mash tun when you’re setting up to have a perfect brew day. The ones that sit there and bob around...
  15. M

    Step Mashing Basics

    When I first started brewing I used a kit to guide me through the brewing process. The instructions seemed very simple which was nice since I was still learning about the equipment and how the brewing process worked. I steeped a small sock of grains for 20 minutes, poured in the liquid malt...
  16. J

    Between Brews – DIY Keggle Mash Tun / Lauter Tun Build

    Pleased with the HLT/heat exchanger project shown in a previous article, my friend Rick asked me to help him with his MLT build. We used the same techniques and many of the same components for this phase of his three vessel brewing system. This was the simplest kettle of the project, requiring...
  17. T

    An Introduction to Doing a Cereal Mash

    Many all-grain brewers seem to be put off when anything beyond a single infusion comes up in a recipe. Terms like “triple decoction” conjure up images of steampunk laboratories, mad scientists, and hump-backed henchman. Cereal mashing seems to get the same response, which is understandable as...
  18. A

    Brew & A: Brian "Remmy" B.

    For today's Brew & A we're starting with an excursion. Don't worry, you're not actually going anywhere, this is a trip in our minds (I know you were probably concerned.). Breathe deep reflecting on your years of brewing. Breathe in.... breathe out. Go back. Further... No Further... All the way...
  19. J

    Building an all grain system.... Help!

    Trying my hand at all grain brewing. Just trying to find out what will be the best fit for me. So far I’ve built up the following equipment: 15 gallon Blichmann boilermaker (with whirlpool hook up, false bottom, and autosparge) 8 gallon brew kettle with ball valve 2x 10 gallon Rubbermaid...
  20. kvnc

    Complete insanity RIMS Recirculation

    So I was step mashing using a RIMS system. Took the beer from protein rest at 131 for 20 min to 145 for initial sac rest. let it sit at 145 w/ recirculation on for 25 min. Checked the wort, everything was pretty good so far, i was seeing 1.055 gravity and color was nice, if not slightly paler...