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For Sale SS Brewtech system- Utah

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The Hoff

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Mar 28, 2024
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Vernal, UT
Take your home brewing to the next level!

Have everything you need to get going. I would say that it is turn key, but I took it all apart last time I brewed 2 years ago. Has a bit of dust but everything works flawlessly, as it should. This system probably only has about 20 brews on it.

-Two 15 gal SS Brewtech Brew Kettles (one lid has a minor dent)
-20 gallon SS Brewtech Infusion Mash Tun
-13 gallon SS Brewtech conical Fermenter
-Exchillerator Maxx counterflow chiller
-Two March 815 inline pumps
-Two Darkstar 2.0 65,000 BTU propane burners
-Propane split
-All the stainless ball valves and fittings
-Quick disconnects for all fittings
-All tubing between each vessel
-3 dial temp gauges
-2 electric temp gauges
-Homeade moveable cart that is wired with the pumps is included. If you don’t want the cart, I’ll have to cut the hardwires off the pumps.

Priced to sell as a package. In Vernal, UT, delivery negotiable. $1900 OBO
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