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  1. boombrewer

    For Sale All Grain Equipment For Sale - Northern Virginia

    I'm hanging it up. Unfortunately, I just don't drink enough beer anymore and need the garage space. I don't really want to ship but willing to consider if compelling. Also, all prices are OBO. The equipment is in great shape but I honestly don't know what to ask for it. I have photos of...
  2. C

    One mash, two beers - Steeping

    Hi. My question is: If I do a 10gal mash of say an English Bitter consisting of MO+C60+Amber. Would it be ok to split that mash in two and add some steeped grains in just one of the worts? Lets say I add some Chocolate + C120 to one batch making it into something like a Porter. That way with...
  3. E

    New York "Spike" (Electric brewery) Never Used

    Dear Fellow Homebrewers, This is by far one of the gnarliest most robust straight forward systems on the market. I have new unused components for building an "Electric brewery" I never completed my brewery for unforeseen reasons! I will send you a list of items for sale with current prices...
  4. schnackshack

    For Sale Brew Stand - All Grain - $250

    Selling a three-burner propane brew stand. This setup is perfect for All-grain brewing with gas. It features heavy weld-less construction using unistrut, a black powder coated base and stainless steel top. Stand also is fitted with wide stance legs to avoid tipping, and heavy duty casters for...
  5. N

    For Sale 3 vessel All grain brewing system

    Looking to sell my all grain system. Boiler, mash tun , brew kettle. Herms/ chiller. Also includes Counter flow chiller. All 220 elements / 110 electric controllers. March pump. Hoses. Stainless hops spider. Mash tun all stainless with false bottom float flow control. High quality...
  6. B

    All grain setup with DIY electric HLT

    I’m upgrading to a larger system and looking to sell my current brewing setup. HLT has a water heater element for heating up the mash and sparge water. HLT is controlled with Johnson’s A419 controller. Can be run as either a batch sparge or fly sparge based on how you use the pump. The cam locks...
  7. CalForester

    For Sale Complete Keggle to Keg & Bottle System

    I brew professionally now so I’m selling my entire system. Everything you need to go from grain to glass except propane tanks, keeping those. Keggle brewhouse with 13.2 gal HLT and 15.5 gal mash & kettle, 3 burners, pump w/ waterproof switch, and my DIY overkill 50’ counterflow wort chiller...
  8. S

    Best system as upgrade from extract brewing

    I've been brewing off/on for about 7-8 years now and finally moved into a house with more space (hell yeah). I want to start doing all-grain batches and was hoping for some advice on the best (cheapest, and most versatile) all-grain method. I don't want an all-in-one system like Grainfather, but...
  9. Ancient Ginseng

    Brewing a Chinook Centennial Amarillo IPA. Thoughts?

    Hello guys , Im brewing a Chinook Centennial Amarillo IPA 6.3% abv , 44 ibu . Im not trying to get an extremely hoppy ipa with high ibu. I am trying to avoid Citra Galaxy Mosaic etc but to get an equally nice IPA. My plan is to get a balance hoppy flavor and nice mid - bittering at 44 ibu from...
  10. P

    Complete all grain eBIAB system

    BIG price drop. Looking to move this quickly! Selling a complete all-grain electric brew-in-a-bag system, along with a ton of extras (including an entire extra gas-fired system!). Asking a pittance ($399 OBO). Strong preference to sell EVERYTHING at once. Sadly selling because I've run out of...
  11. mccamich

    Mash Out or Batch Sparge (cannot do both)?

    I'm brewing a 12% abv Belgian Tripel soon that I've brewed a couple of times with good success. My mash tun isn't large enough to allow me to do a mash out AND a batch sparge so my question is...would it be better for the brew if I mash out and skip the batch sparge, or skip the mash out and do...
  12. marlinmatt

    For Sale All Grain Brewhouse

    All Grain setup for sale. Everything you need, except for hoses, and t.c.clamps. Keggle HLT sight glass, thermometer, ballvalve Converted oxygen tank boiler (Larger than keggle) SS, with handles, sight glass, thermometer, drain valve. Igloo mash tun with sparge setup, and copper manifold...
  13. tcblf

    For Sale Homebrew Rig 15 Gal Natural Gas

    This is in the SF Bay Area. Thanks for looking!!!
  14. P

    SF Bay Area (Petaluma, CA) - Electric Brew In a Bag (eBIAB) System - $650 OBO

    BIG price drop. Looking to move this quickly! Selling a complete all-grain electric brew-in-a-bag system, along with a ton of extras (including an entire extra gas-fired system!). Asking $800 $650, or best offer. Strong preference to sell EVERYTHING at once. Sadly selling because I've run out...
  15. dpaola2

    On my third brew, wondering how important fermentation temperature is

    I've previously made two hazy IPAs via extract. This time I'm attempting a pale ale w/ all grain BIAB method. My goal is to up the quality of my brew, using liquid yeast. I want to also control for the temperature of fermentation but it's proving far more difficult to find a mini fridge that...
  16. nreed

    Beer smells strange after 10 days primary

    Hi all. First post, 3rd brew currently in the primary fermenter. I started with two pretty basic recipes using a Kona Big Wave clone which turned out nice but wanted something a little bigger on flavour so decided to try a BrewDog Hop Fiction clone. I’ve just dry hopped on day 10 in the...
  17. A

    Georgia All Grain Plastic Coolers $80

    2 ten gallon rubbermaid coolers with ball valves and one of the coolers comes with a false bottom. Used for...well I'm sure y'all know what they are used for.
  18. J

    For Sale Selling it all, second try.

    $950 obo It's all gotta go! For now I want to sell it together, but if it doesn't move, I'll piece it out. Here we go: Blichmann Top Tier with 2 burners one shelf and the utility shelf. Plate chiller and pump mounted on it, the pump is hard wired so no messing with the plug. Pump is plumbed...
  19. J

    $250 - All Grain - Mash Tun, HLT, Kettle, Burner

    Simple setup to almost get started with all grain. 20 gallon Gatorade mash tun with braided stainless screen, 20 gallon HLT, 20 gallon kettle with hop screen attachment. Basic single burner and am including propane shell if wanted and a large deep fryer basket. $250 obo. Located in Tampa, FL
  20. L

    Huge Sabco RIMS Homebrew/Pilot System for Sale - Pickup Evans, GA

    This homebrew system consist of three 15.5 gallon vessels - a mash tun, hot liquor tank, and kettle for producing up to 10 gallons of finished beer. The system is connected with super sanitary 1/2" tri-clamp connections for easy assembly, disassembly and clean up. This system is ideal for...