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  1. A

    Connecticut Grainfather with Extras

    Grainfather with connect controller, cam lock conversion, wort o meter, hop spider, false bottom, micro pipework, grain coat and sparge water heater. Lots of extras. $600 OBO. Located in CT. Willing to travel a bit too.
  2. T

    For Sale Electric Brewery Starter System $1000

    I built this system about 5 years ago with the intention of eventually building out to a full 3 vessel HERMS setup. I never quite got around to doing all of that, but I’ve used the system (Panel/Boil Kettle/Mash Tun) to brew about 10 batches and all works as expected. There’s some scratches and...
  3. B

    1800 W Electric Kettle (used once)

    Hi folks! I'm selling my Klarstein Mundschenk brewing kettle for $250 (negotiable). It works well, but this 1800 W beast is too powerful for the 15 A breakers in our new place. Used literally once to brew a white IPA, so it works and is basically new :) Should work well on a 20 A breaker...
  4. gordol

    Colorado For Sale, Denver, CO: $5000 - Custom built stainless steel electric induction HERMS brewery setup, includes EVERYTHING!

    Custom built stainless steel HERMS brewery setup, includes... Built this myself, it's a legit setup. Custom built HERMS system 10 gal BK w/ 3000w induction 10 gal HLT w/ 1800w induction 10 gal MT w/ custom made stainless steel false bottom stainless steel bulkheads, valves, and thermowells...
  5. S

    3 Vessel 16 Gallon Configuration

    So, I inherited, then modified this system. It came to me with three 16 gallon vessels, each with two ports near the bottom; the higher of the two for a physical analog thermometer and the lower for a ball valve. I added 240v 5500w ripple elements via 1-1/2" tri-clamp bulkheads, HERMS coils...
  6. U

    Illinois Various Electric Brewing and Stainless Fittings - $200

    I have a lot of fittings and other pieces of brewing equipment for sale. Electric Brewing parts: - (3) 6 ft cable, New (2 red, 1 orange), comes with a 3-pin disconnect at the probe end and a 3-pin female XLR connector at the control panel end - $35/each - 8ft cable, New (blue), comes with a...
  7. M

    Electric Brewing Simplified

    Unless you were fortunate enough to have an experienced brewer bring you into the world of home brewing, odds are your first batch was on a very basic setup. For me it was a partial extract batch brewed in a borrowed stockpot, on the gas stove-top of my old college house. A simple yet effective...
  8. B

    Single Vessel Brewing Systems Pt2 - Reviews

    In part one, I gave an overview of all the brewing systems that are reviewed in this second part. Blichmann BrewEasy 5-Gallon 240V Blichmann BrewEasy The BrewEasy system follows the “some assembly required” concept. Arriving in multiple boxes, it took several hours as I jumped back and forth...
  9. S

    My Electric Brewery Build

    The idea to upgrade to an all-electric brewery started 2 years ago after seeing some similar systems on several forums, including Homebrew Talk. I’ve been brewing for close to 10 years now, starting as most did: with extract in a single pot on a propane burner. When I moved to CT, brewing became...
  10. D

    Brew Rig - Vince "Screwy Brewer" Feminella Brew garage

    For safety reasons I decided to hire an electrician to install a 4 wire 220 volt 30 amp GFCI breaker and run the line to a receptacle near the location of the EBC-SV brew rig controller. The EBC-SV is the heart of the eBIAB system it runs the Chugger pump and regulates the output of the heating...
  11. D

    Brew Rig - Banner's Basement Brewery

    Brew Rig information. HLT-15 Gallon Polar Ware-5500w low density element-Temp/Level Sensor-3 piece ball valveMT-15 Gallon Polar Ware-False Bottom-Temp/Level Sensor-3 piece ball valveBK-15 Gallon Polar Ware-5500w low density element-Hop Basket-Bazooka tube-Temp/Level Sensor-3 piece ball...
  12. P

    Moving from Gas to Electric Brewing

    Brewing with Natural Gas, Propane, then Electric This article covers the variety of systems that I have used for homebrewing beer over the last 5 years. Brewing first in my kitchen on the stove-top using natural gas, then out to the garage using propane and then lastly going back inside and down...
  13. D

    Brew Rig - Burch Brewery 2

    Burch Brew 2.0 is a 10 gallon, single tier electric brew rig. PID controlled 5500w elements in the boil kettle and hot liqueur tank and a HERMS setup for the Mash Lauter Tun. Using 2 x Chugger pumps with the poly heads for transferring (upgrade to stainless eventually) and a copper CFC. Using 3...
  14. D

    Brew Rig - ImOnersteg Brewery

    I managed to get on a cover of a magazine with this brew rig, with an article inside as well. It has 3 Megapots with two pilot light systems on banjo burners. http://www.eeweb.com/magazine/embedded-developer-august-2014/ Boiling Equipment: 3x 26 Gallon bottom drain Megapots, 2x Honeywell...
  15. D

    Brew Rig - The Brew BOX

    Here is my version of the electric brewery brew rig. It has been about a year in the making, a lot of software coding and design. I wanted to design something that was somewhat automated, easy to clean and easy to setup. The plumbing is setup so that there is no reconfiguration during the brew...
  16. D

    Brew Rig - Ale Force One

    Since 2008 I've been using a ECC BCS-460 (now owned by Brewers Hardware) to control/manage my MT, HLT, RIMS and pump during BrewSessions. Over the years I've used Orange Coolers for my brew rig, Blichmann Boilermaker Kettles and recently within the last 1-2 yrs Bru-Gear and Spike Brewing V.3...
  17. D

    Brew Rig - Small Batch Brew Cart

    I needed a compact, small footprint area for brewing and storage of frequently used brew equipment so I put together a 18" x 24" wire cart. 120V electric brewing is my choice for small batches and the controller I built allows for many variations of equipment and control including the integrated...
  18. D

    Brew Rig - 50 Amp EHERMS Brew System

    Used wiring diagrams from the internet for this brew rig! Asked lots of questions and did lot of research! Had to learn 110 and 220v systems first to understand how I would build my electric panel. The wiring of the panel was the most time consuming about 20hrs of labor on my spare time, a lot...
  19. D

    Brew Rig - AAA Brewing Setup

    My brew rig is pretty unique because for one it is based in the heart of the African Bush and the Kruger national park. The micro brewery overlooks the bush and regularly while brewing one can see Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard and Lion to name the big five, but various antelope etc daily...
  20. D

    Brew Rig - JonyMac's Stillwater Homebrewery

    I have been working on my brew rig for just about a year now and it is up and running with the bugs worked out. I now have a bit of time to go through and document what I did for the community's use. I have been a shameless lurker up to this point and am now coming out of the shadows. Kal asked...