coffee in my beer

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Dec 5, 2007
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Spokane, WA
So after research and debate I decided to add 1/2 lb. of coarsley ground coffee beans into the secondary (I actually racked onto them). Now im wondering what is the best way, when the time comes, to filter/strain the coffee out of the beer? One thing im worried about is while filtering/straining, the beer will be aerated too much?. Thanks for any advice.
Well, not sure if they would float or sink... If they float, just leave the last 1/2 inch or so in your carboy, if they sink, you may get a little when you rack, but if you are using a racking cane I don't think you would have to worry too much about it.

Can anyone else say "Buzz Beer":cross:
interesting. i'd think that most of the coffee would either sink to the bottom or float on the top. meaning that with careful siphoning you could avoid getting most of it into your bottling bucket.

a sanitized fine mesh screen over your racking cane will probably catch the big stuff. you may end up with a little more sediment than usual if you're bottling, but i wouldn't worry about it.
to my suprise they float! I thought they were gonna sit on the bottom. Another thing i have thought about is racking it into and empty carboy i have, let it settle for a few days and then bottle? Im just trying to get as little coffee sediment into the bottles as possible. My racking cane does have the little cap over the end of it to keep bigger stuff from getting sucked up.
If they float, and you you are working with a secondary, you shouldn't have a problem. Just leave that last layer with all the floaties behind when you rack to your bottling bucket.