Clarifying problem in ryepa

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Apr 7, 2007
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I brewed last years 777 for the second time a few months ago. It tastes wonderful but is very cloudy.
Here is the recipe:

11 lbs. pale malt
2 lbs. flaked rye
8 oz. crystal 20L
.5oz columbus 60 min
.5oz columbus 40 min
.5oz amarillo 20 min
.5oz cascade 10 min
1oz cascade 5 min
.5oz amarillo 0 min
1oz columbus dry hop
1oz fuggles dry hop
WL 007 Dry English Ale Yeast

Has anyone else had problems with Whirlfloc tablets? I added a tablet at 15 min left of the boil and I remember it did not dissolve quickly like it did every other time I used them. It took about 10 minutes before I saw it break up.
I left it in the secondary for about 1 month which is longer than I left it in there the first time I made it and it was clear.
When I dry hop I usually place a nylon bag over my racking cane but I didn't use one this time. I just tried to syphon around the hop pellets but I know some got in the bottling bucket.

Again, this beer tastes great and I will drink and share it with my friends, but I am just annoyed with the clarity.
I guess the question I have with this thread is two things?
1) Has anyone had this experience with a whirlfloc tab?
2) Can syphoning beer that has been dry hopped to the bottling bucket without a straining bad make it cloudy?



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Jan 29, 2006
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Lancaster County, Pa.
I brewed this yesterday after reading your post. I had intended on doing a single infusion mash but decided to do a protein rest to help with clarity. I also use whirlflock and generally have good results.