Georgia BrewEasy 10 Gallon 240V Electric System LTE TOP

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Aug 28, 2018
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Blichmann BrewEasy 10 Gallon System 240v with LTE Tower of Power. The system is unused and still in it's original packaging. Received it as a gift this year, but with a recent baby arrival it does not look like I'll be using it anytime soon... Better to get this into the hands of someone that will put it to use in 2019.

Everything in the standard system is included plus a G2 Linear Flow Valve Whirlpool Kit with a left hand hole punch was added.

Asking $2,000. Preference will be given to local Atlanta pickup offers. Will consider non-local offers if you're willing to pay for shipping and insurance. There are 4 large boxes so I expect shipping would be $$$.

There are no pictures due to everything remaining packaged in its original box. Serious buyers may inspect in person.