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  1. M

    Blichmann 20 Gallon G2 Kettle for sale

    I'm selling my Blichmann 20 gallon G2 kettle. The kettle is in good condition and includes a heat diffusion plate, cleaning brush and Blichmann Brewometer. I'm also including a stainless hops blocker. You can easily switch between standard Blichmann pickup tube or the extended pickup tube...
  2. B

    Illinois Turnkey 15 Gallon Propane RIMS Blichmann Toptier Tower of Power System

    ASKING $1500 For Sale in Springfield, IL Not separating at this time, trying to sell as a turnkey system. I don’t have a truck so I can’t help deliver, but I can have it disassembled and ready to go for buyer. Can be used to make 5 or 10 gallon batches. Over $3500 invested in this at retail...
  3. W

    New kettle

    I’ve been home brewing extract for a few years. Took some time off and back into it again. I have a 5 gallon stainless pot that I bought with my fist kit. I am looking to upgrade to possibly a ten gallon to do full boils and eventually full grain. I was looking between Spike brewing and...
  4. Sambecker1

    Blichmann Top Tier, Burners, Boilermakers and various items

    Central PA Blichmann Top Tier $400 Blichmann Boilermaker 20g with false bottom and sparge arm $350.00 Blichmann Boilermaker 20g boil kettle with whirlpool fitting $300 Blichmann burners 2 $100 each Blichmann Top Tier shelf $50 (New in box) Blichmann 14g Fermenator with blow off kit (blow off...
  5. K

    Blichmann Glycol Chiller

    I gave the Blichmann Glycol Chiller a try and I am very disappointed. After having to cut bolts to get the wheels to rotate, I let it sit again and then powered it on... only to find out that it is DOA. The controller indicates that everything is normal but it does not run longer than three...
  6. FoamFollower

    Blichmann Top Tier Burner Review

    The Blichmann Top Tier Burner commands a premium price, which may put a lot of people off. When you can get a burner for $29.99 that does an adequate job of heating wort, why pay five times that amount for equipment that does essentially the same thing? I too was skeptical at first, and started...
  7. D

    Brew Rig - Brutus 10

    Brew rig built using the Brutus 10 plans from Brew Your Own Magazine. Boiling Equipment: Blichmann Boiler Beer Bottling Gear: Blichmann beer gun Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: Blichmann fermentation vessel Wort Chillers: Blichmann chiller
  8. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft Beer Gun Anyone?

    Over the years I had read plenty of mixed reviews about the Blichmann Beer Gun before actually pulling the trigger and getting one for myself. It seemed that the two most common complaints brewers posted about had to do with how beer bottled using the Blichmann Beer Gun could be under carbonated...
  9. Chorgey

    New Jersey Blichmann HopBlocker and BrewMometer

    Blichmann BrewMometer w/manual $25.00 (OBO), shipping included 1/2 NPT 3” face and 4” stem Used a few times Blichmann HopBlocker w/manual $35.00 (OBO), shipping included Used a few times
  10. Fishin-Jay

    Wisconsin Selling it all, and there's a lot! (Part 1)

    After 15 years of brewing, due to health reasons I've got to sell - and I have a lot to sell! I'll keep this page updated. If it's still listed, it's still for sale. Spend at least $100 and you can rifle through my miscellaneous box of valves, books, clamps, hoses, etc. and take as much of it...
  11. KoBach276

    WTB Blichmann Legs for 14 Gallon Fermenator

    WTB Blichmann Legs for 14 Gallon Fermenator Just looking for the extension legs for my Blichmann Fermenator.
  12. F

    Blichmann Rims Rocket attachment 220v

    New, in the box, is the Electric Recirculation Heater set up for a Blichmann "Rims Rocket". "Rims Rocket" not included. The RIMS-Rocket operates with 3500 W, 240V and ultra low watt density in order to perform optimally in your RIMS system. It features a "plug and play" 12-foot long factory...
  13. D

    New Jersey Blichmann Quick Carb Brand New

    Bought this Blichmann Quick Carb but I’ve never used it. Looking to clear out some gear. New at $180 + shipping, looking for $150. Prefer pickup in Hoboken, NJ but would be open to ship.
  14. J

    Ohio 10 Gallon MegaPot Kettle & Blichmann Hellfire Burner w/ Leg Extensions

    10 gallon MegaPot w/ bottom outlet valve, thermometer, and tangential inlet for whirlpooling. —— $100 + Shipping/ Paypal fees. Blichmann Hellfire burner w/ 24" stainless leg extensions (Stock short legs are not included.) —— $125 + Shipping/ Paypal fees
  15. J

    Blichmann Therminator Plate Chiller

    This is used but not a ton, still great condition. Includes a barb and male cam in/out fittings. Asking $100 + shipping and Paypal fees. Please PM me if you need additional information or pictures via text.
  16. jimmyjamesbob

    Blichmann AutoSparge - $50

    Only used once, like brand new. My 10gal mash tun is to small to use this with full volume mash. Selling for $50 shipped.
  17. T

    Massachusetts Blichmann 7 Gallon Conical (NPT)

    Selling my conical after going back and fourth with the idea. Its only been used twice and has all of the parts and pieces inside. NPT fittings. $400
  18. Merkur

    Element On detection

    Hi - I am putting together a 240V system with a 5500W element. I have a 240V/60A outlet and intend to add a control box between that and a socket for a Brew Commander to control the brew, pumps etc. I know that the Brew Commander has an ‘Element On’ in the screen but I like the idea of a large...
  19. S

    Florida Blichmann Breweasy and SS Brewtech Fermenter

    This systems is like new and has been used less than 10 times. The SS Fermenter has more use but is still in very good condition. Blichmann Brew Easy 10 Gallon Batch Electric System: 1x 15 gal BoilerMaker™ Kettle and False Bottom (upper Mash Tun) 1x 20 gal BoilerMaker™ Boil Kettle (lower...