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  1. B

    Anyone using the Blichmann Breweasy Compact?

    I literally just found out about the Compact version a short time ago, and it ticks a LOT of boxes for me. (Currently using an Anvil Foundry 10g, which has been giving me a few problems lately.) I immediately went to do research on it, and I'm finding surprisingly little info. Short Circuited...
  2. B

    Single Vessel Brewing Systems Pt1 - Overview

    Homebrewing is a hobby that can be as complicated or as simple as you want it. And homebrewers are likewise varied in what aspects they enjoy most. There are those that are just out to do something different than the norm, those that love to build and create sophisticated custom brewing systems...
  3. S

    Florida Blichmann Breweasy and SS Brewtech Fermenter

    This systems is like new and has been used less than 10 times. The SS Fermenter has more use but is still in very good condition. Blichmann Brew Easy 10 Gallon Batch Electric System: 1x 15 gal BoilerMaker™ Kettle and False Bottom (upper Mash Tun) 1x 20 gal BoilerMaker™ Boil Kettle (lower...
  4. B

    Georgia BrewEasy 10 Gallon 240V Electric System LTE TOP

    Blichmann BrewEasy 10 Gallon System 240v with LTE Tower of Power. The system is unused and still in it's original packaging. Received it as a gift this year, but with a recent baby arrival it does not look like I'll be using it anytime soon... Better to get this into the hands of someone that...
  5. E

    Going Electric

    Greetings all, I have been brewing all grain on a gas setup for a while. I always seem to struggle with temperature control, so I want to go electric. I have a 14gal conical fermenter that I modified to have temperature control. It works quite well and maintains temperature within .5C. I am...
  6. Skipp107

    BrewEasy vs RoboBrew

    Hi All. So I'm looking to upgrade from a traditional 3 tier system to either a BrewEasy or RoboBrew System. I know that the RoboBrew is far less expensive, but it seems like the RoboBrew might be more limited in the styles. Does anyone have experience with both systems? What are your thoughts?