Brew Rig - Vince "Screwy Brewer" Feminella Brew garage

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For safety reasons I decided to hire an electrician to install a 4 wire 220 volt 30 amp GFCI breaker and run the line to a receptacle near the location of the EBC-SV brew rig controller.
The EBC-SV is the heart of the eBIAB system it runs the Chugger pump and regulates the output of the heating element based on feedback from the temperature probe connected at the kettle lid.
The EBC-SV was all setup and ready to go right out of the box all it needed was to be plugged into a 220 volt outlet in order to use it.

Boiling Equipment: 15 gallon High Gravity EBC-SV controller and 220v 4500w ultra low density heating elelment
Beer Bottling Gear: Blichmann BeerGun and bench top bottle capper
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: 6.5 gallon Ale Pails
Wort Chillers: Convoluted Counter-Flow
Plumbing, Pumps, and Hardware: Chugger pump with metal head
Yeast Equipment: 5 liter Erhlenmeyer flask and electric stir plate
Cleansers and Sanitizers: StarSan and Powdered Brewery Wash