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    15 Gallon Complete Brew Rig $550

    I am selling my single tier 3 kettle brew rig. All vessels have quick connects and temperature gauges. Mash tun and boil kettle have false bottoms. I will also include a 15 gallon brew bag for easy clean up. Each vessel has a Bg14 burner for quick boils. I made a custom propane manifold that...
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    Brew Rig - Cowbrau E-BIAB System

    220 volt electric BIAB brew rig using overnight no chill. My brew day is as short and simple as possible with an all grain batch. Using a liquid yeast starter on a stir plate from the wort it will go into the next day, along with pure O2 aeration consistently provides clean exceptionally tasty...
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    Brew Rig - AJ Ruby's 3 vessel 3 tier System with Control Panel

    I just upgraded my brew rig from an electric 5 gallon batch rig (had 10 gallon kettles and a 10 gallon orange Home Depot cooler as a mashtun) to this electric 10 gallon batch rig. I learned a lot from brewing on my 5 gallon rig and added the "I wish I had" to these custom 20 gallon Spike Brewing...
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    Brew Rig - Great Breweh

    This is my brew rig I built with 3 burners, propane but will be upgraded to NG with auto burners in future when I get NG in my garage where I brew. Tanks are 50 Liter
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    Brew Rig - Another A-Bomb Brewery

    This brew rig started eons ago as a cooler setup and has just grown exponentially. It's a blast to brew on and I wouldn't give this system up for anything. I made almost all of the components that attach to the kettles and completely wired up the control box. Boiling Equipment: Blichmann...
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    Brew Rig - 61st and Hydraulic Brewing Co

    Trying to brew on a budget has always been a goal of mine. But after 5 years of cutting corners I was looking to upgrade my brew rig, slightly. I built a three tiered gravity feed system on wheels, however after the build I invested in a plate chiller and pump to help with aeration, utilizing...
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    Brew Rig - 3 Vessel 2 Pump 1 Burner Brewery Setup

    Thanks for checking out my brew rig. Please feel free to help out with any suggestions. Here is my process: I fill my BK with the total volume I calculated I will use. I have an icemaker line from my OR tanks with a quick connect and heat the water as the BK is filling. Once I have adjusted the...
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    Brew Rig - Crooked Rooster1 BBL Brew Cart

    Stepped up my game from 5 gallon BIAB to full 1 bbl 3V system. Still dialing it in. Bought 2nd hand from Colorado brewery. Brew for friends and myself now. One day hope to open nano. Boiling Equipment: 45 gallon stainless HLT, MT, Boil Kettle. Has PID and oxygenation system. Fermentation Vessels...
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    Brew Rig - Bad Dog Brewery

    This is my brew rig, It has 3 pid temperature controllers with solenoid valves. There are 1/4" stainless ball valves for extra safety to turn the gas off to the burners when not being used. There are also 3/8 needle valves for controlling the flame. It also has a pilot light system built with...
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    Brew Rig - Banner's Basement Brewery

    Brew Rig information. HLT-15 Gallon Polar Ware-5500w low density element-Temp/Level Sensor-3 piece ball valveMT-15 Gallon Polar Ware-False Bottom-Temp/Level Sensor-3 piece ball valveBK-15 Gallon Polar Ware-5500w low density element-Hop Basket-Bazooka tube-Temp/Level Sensor-3 piece ball...
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    Brew Rig - Snow Yeti Brewing

    Played around with brewing off and on for 18 years and this brew rig is where I ended up. I grew up in Oregon and developed a love for good beer early in life. I was stationed in Germany and returned to the US stationed in the southern US, prompted me to brew the European beers I missed. Flash...
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    Brew Rig - Vince "Screwy Brewer" Feminella Brew garage

    For safety reasons I decided to hire an electrician to install a 4 wire 220 volt 30 amp GFCI breaker and run the line to a receptacle near the location of the EBC-SV brew rig controller. The EBC-SV is the heart of the eBIAB system it runs the Chugger pump and regulates the output of the heating...
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    Brew Rig - 2 Dogs Brewing Co.

    The brew rig sits on a frame designed so that all my vessels are pretty much at the same level. I have camlocks on all my vessels connecting to the single pump. Using a series of 2-way and 3-way valves have created a system that does not require me to switch hoses between vessels in order to...
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    Brew Rig - HP Moore Brewing Co

    50 AMP Supply to the brew rig. It was purpose built from the ground up over a 4 year period to be a No Sparge a.k.a. (BIAB) system. 3 batches made so far with each batch better than the previous. 75% efficiency without adding any additional base malts (I just follow) the recipe "as is"...
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    Brew Rig - Burch Brewery 2

    Burch Brew 2.0 is a 10 gallon, single tier electric brew rig. PID controlled 5500w elements in the boil kettle and hot liqueur tank and a HERMS setup for the Mash Lauter Tun. Using 2 x Chugger pumps with the poly heads for transferring (upgrade to stainless eventually) and a copper CFC. Using 3...
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    Brew Rig - Speertown Brewing

    E Herms Kal brew rig clone. It's a true Kegerator dual tap and true fermenting fridge with STC temp controller. Boiling Equipment: Blichmann Beer Bottling Gear: Keg Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: SS Brewtech 14 Gallon Wort Chillers: CFC Plumbing, Pumps and Hardware: March Pumps, Silicon...
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    Brew Rig - Cranbrook Brewing Setup

    Large brew setup for less then $2k. Wharehouse pallet racking was an ideal choice for stand. One end piece cut in half and 5 spreaders made for a cheap stand Boiling Equipment: 3-330,000 but jet burners keep things moving along Beer Bottling Gear: Silicone hose from draft tap Fermentation...
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    Brew Rig - Paradigm Brewing Electric 3 Vessel

    I love My Basement brew rig, year round access with a big screen TV and computer to help me from being bored while cleaning... Boiling Equipment: Blichmann Kettles turned into Electric Boilers Beer Bottling Gear: Keg & bottle with Blichmann Bottle Fillers (2) Fermentation Vessels and Equipment...
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    Brew Rig - ImOnersteg Brewery

    I managed to get on a cover of a magazine with this brew rig, with an article inside as well. It has 3 Megapots with two pilot light systems on banjo burners. http://www.eeweb.com/magazine/embedded-developer-august-2014/ Boiling Equipment: 3x 26 Gallon bottom drain Megapots, 2x Honeywell...
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    Brew Rig - Almost Famous Brewing

    3 vessel, single tier, electronic brew rig with 20 gallon kettles all overseen by the Vinnie Cilurzo autographed Pliny sign - if he can't be here in person he can be here in spirit! Boiling Equipment: 20 gallon Stout BK, 5500 watt ULWD ripple element from Brewmation, Brewer's Hardware element...