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Nov 8, 2007
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I pitched the yeast on a Coopers Draught extract right at 24 hours ago. Fermentation is is going good but now I am getting the strong banana smell.
I read some of the old posts that said this is from a high ferment temperature. The temp is about 73 right now. I am in Texas and we are currently going through one of our rapid weather changes.
I just moved the vessel to a closed off room that is about 68 right now. Is this a good idea or will the drastic change ruin things? Should I just leave it in the high temp?
To slow down a temp change insulate. Wrap a blanket or towel around it to slow the temp charge if your worried abut that. Got a problem with bananas?:ban: :ban:
The first brew I made gave off an incredible smell of bananas during fermentation (it was fermenting at a temperature similar to your batch) - but in the finished beer, there was only a very faint hint of bananas. So the odour during fermentation may not reflect what the end product will be like. Having said that, if you don't really want bananas in you beer, lowering the temp would probably be a good idea, so I think moving it was a good idea. And given the large amount of liquid that would need to change temperature, I don't think the temperature change will actually be particularly drastic.
If the banana smell doesn't age out, chill the beer cooler than normal, before you drink it.
unless you are making a hefe and ferment it warm on purpose for the bana flavor... I went over board on my last batch. Never smelt bananas during ferment, but at racking time it tasted great, after force carbing it and chilling it though... maybe i'm serving it too cold, it just tastes unbalanced like i didn't hop it enough.

It's drinkable but slowly depleting :)

:ban: <--had to put that guy in this thread :)
If you're not making a Hefe, then your fermenting it too warm. Try cooling it down by putting it in some cold tap water (e.g. mess sink, bathtub). If you are making a Hefe then :ban:
I think that kit haas Lager Yeast with it And Lager yeast smell's horrible during Fermentation and the warmer it is the worse it is.