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Dec 27, 2021
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Been brewing beer for a while, and thought I'd have a go at cider..

Always been a fan of Mercury Draught (not hard), so did a few trials..

I'm currently on a small island, that has not many options in regards to brewing, and limited real fruits due to seasons etc, so my only options was a kit cider..

I read a few reviews, and thought I'd go with the 'Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Pear Cider' (I haven't tried doing this recipe with the Apple one yet, but am sure it will work well, for those who prefer apple..

Since (to me anyway), Mercury Draught seems to have a more 'beery' fullness, than a sweet cider, I thought using beer style fermentables, instead of dextrose or plain sugars, that it may make it similar..and although I haven't had Mercury Draught for quite a while (since its unavailable to purchase here), this recipe came out pretty good..

So here's my recipe (for 23 litre batch):

1 x Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Pear Cider Kit (or Apple flavour)
150g Raw Sugar
350g Light Dry Malt
300g Dextrose
200g Maltodextrin
1 sachet Mangrove Jack's M54 California Lager Yeast

30g Whiskey Oak Wood Chips (not sure if this changes the flavour, but did this anyway)

Hops: (If desired)
3g Mosaic
2g Galaxy
2g Amarillo


Follow the provided method/instructions that comes with the kit, but instead of using the dextrose or sugar, use the above calculations of light dry malt, dextrose, maltodextrin and raw sugar..

I did not try the provided M02 yeast, I used Mangrove Jacks M54 Californian Lager Yeast..

Add the sweetness, you desire..I used the full sachet, and it seemed ok..

I did two versions, one hopped and one unhopped..I loved the hopped version, which was a mix of Mosaic, Galaxy and Amarillo added dry 4 days in of fermentation..

If anyone gives this a go, let me know your thoughts :)