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Jan 20, 2019
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selling all equipment asking (reduces) $500, my loss your gain. Changing jobs and don’t have time any more.

Equipment Included:
Vinyl tubing
All stainless custom drip tray
Brewers Hydrometer
Custom recycle header
Custom keg rebuild socket x2
PH live meter with 3 probes
2 sets pin lock fittings
3 food grade 24V pumps
Stir plate
100FT food grade Silicone tubing 3/4OD
50FT food grade Silicone tubing 1/2OD
2 single stage all stainless regulators w/fittings
2 dual stage all stainless regulators w/ fittings
3 4500W Ultra Low Watt elements
2 5500W Ultra Low Watt elements

Want to sell as complete set but will consider offers.
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Victoria TX

but I can work with you on shipping if need be.
What brand regulators are they?

Fpweeks sorry for the late response they are Hoke “Go” Regulators. Industrial grade and extremely accurate. They have never been used and cost more originally than what I am asking for the hole total