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  1. beervoid

    Refractometer reading very different from Hydrometer, fermenting wort

    Hi everyone, I've had a slow fermentation going due to pitching to low. I meassured the OG with an hydrometer as 1.081. Normally my fermentation is at terminal around day 4. Now day 7 in it's still bubbling quiet alot so I decided to do a refractometer reading. It stated 11.5 brix which...
  2. hout17

    Sold Blue Tilt Hydrometer V3

    Up for sale is a Tilt Hydrometer. I am the second owner and it works great just don't need it. Not sure how much time the battery has left on it. Comes in original box. I will accept Paypal for payment. $100 + $5 flat shipping fee. SOLD I'll be shipping from Colorado.
  3. J

    ABV has gone backwards?!?

    Hi everyone new brewer here! So I made a few 1 gallon ginger beer brews that came out amazing, I just boiled grated ginger, lemon juice, sugar and water on the stove, let it cool and threw it in a 1 gallon carboy, with the grated ginger in the carboy. After two weeks the ABV had gone from 1.060...
  4. B

    Illinois Homebrew Beer Making Supplies Starter Kit Accessories $55

    Various items to help build your starter kit
  5. C

    Strange hydrometer reading, possible infected mead?

    Hey everyone! New mead brewer here and I was hoping to share my possible mistake and hopefully learn about what is going on and save others the trouble. Take it easy on me haha Anyway, I started a 1 gallon batch of mead late last year. I got a good 1080 reading on the hydrometer before...
  6. Candass08

    Hydrometer and specific gravity readings

    Hello all! This is my first ever attempt to homebrewing cider! I have been letting the apple juice and yeast ferment for two weeks and went to check the specific gravity with my hydrometer. From what I have read there should be at least some alcohol content by now however, it is reading zero...
  7. J

    No hydrometer for testing primary fermentation

    About 5 days ago I brewed an IPA and set it aside for primary fermentation. It started bubbling no problem but I noticed that I accidentally overfilled the sanitizer solution in the airlock which made it more difficult for the bubbles to get out, so now on Day 5 it is bubbling every 30-60...
  8. D

    A Year In Review - Lessons Learned

    September 27th marked the 1st anniversary for me and my new found love Homebrewing! I jumped into all grain brewing with both feet after first reading John Palmer's How To Brew. I scoured tons of forums and homebrew community sites in search of the most detailed information and the best setup I...
  9. K

    Keep It Up - Getting Consistent Results by Calibrating Your Brew House

    It is important for any brewer who wishes to get the most consistent results possible to keep his or her brew house calibrated. Knowing your measurements and calculations are accurate will allow you to better predict the way your final product will turn out. So what are some things you should...
  10. Jacob M Brown

    First batch of beer is fermenting. I have hydrometer questions...

    I made my first batch of beer 4 days ago. Thanks to some guidance from my brother who has done this before I only did a few things wrong. I made a Milk Stout. The instructions on my kit say it should have an original gravity of 1.061. When I took my reading it said .09. When I took this...
  11. TheBearMoon

    AHH forgot to take OG Hydrometer reading: Mead

    So originally I totally forgot to do an OG read and knew better than to try it when I forgot, its been going 4 weeks now and I grabbed a reading (even tho I don't know which reading is the one to read HAH) but I know where the level has ended up. is there any online calculator or something I can...
  12. I

    Can I take a hydrometer sample using a glass?

    Hi Quick question: Would I be able to take a sample for my hydrometer by dipping a glass which was cleaned by the dishwasher into the fermenting vessel? I would then pour the glass into the hydrometer vial Thanks!
  13. R

    So I took my sample today, and I would like some advice (first timer here)

    So I took the sample on my first mead today. Ive made some very crude recipes in the past but nothing with hydrometers or racking or any of that. This is my first proper attempt and I have been making a wild berry and treacle mead. It's stopped all air bubbles in the airlock, it's darkened...
  14. K

    Hydrometer Reading Confusion

    We have created a brew of cider. Our initial hydrometer readings goes as follows: 1.056 Gravity 7.5% ABV 13.8 Brix Our problem is we are getting two different readings off the the same internet calculator for ABV. Brix Calculator https://www.brewersfriend.com/brix-converter/ at 7.5% ABV...
  15. V

    Different ABV Values

    Hello Forum: My hydrometer calculation is giving me a different value than online ABV calculators. OG = 1.090 FG = 1.032. ABV Calculators will get me around 7.57%. When I follow the instructions from the hydrometer it has me convert the OG and FG values into potential ABV first and then...
  16. K

    We created a ridiculous spreadsheet for Wort Correction - Feel free to poke holes in it

    Hello all, My brewing friends and I created a spreadsheet originally intended to calculate ABV while accounting for a Wort Correction Factor based on Hydrometer and Refractometer readings. We've been using it successfully for a few brew sessions now, and I figured it might be a good idea to...
  17. N

    Hydrometer readings with whole fruit

    I am thinking about making my first batch of wine. I have a bunch of blueberries frozen that I can thaw out and use. I just got a two gallon fermenting bucket. I was figuring I would find a recipe I liked and fill that bucket. I will probably try to put the thawed blueberries into a paint...
  18. Tidwellc

    Sugars settling in hydrometer sample?

    Hey guys, I've got a few batches under my belt with an eBIAB setup I bought and I've been trying to take a lot more samples throughout the process to find out what my efficiency is. My last batch was a while ago so I don't quite remember exactly the numbers I was getting, but basically: I'm...
  19. S

    All Equipment for sale $500

    selling all equipment asking (reduces) $500, my loss your gain. Changing jobs and don’t have time any more. Equipment Included: Vinyl tubing All stainless custom drip tray Brewers Hydrometer Refractometer Custom recycle header Custom keg rebuild socket x2 PH live meter with 3 probes 2 sets pin...
  20. potseeslc

    Ep4 - The iSpindel - Build your own floating hydrometer

    The iSpindel is an amazing DIY floating hydrometer and right now it is easier than ever to make your own. With a small list of parts, some light soldering, and a little elbow grease you could build your own device that can tell you your gravity in near realtime. Dave talked about the history of...