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  1. D

    What is the Proper Tubing Size?

    Hello all, hope this finds everyone enjoying a frosty pint. I'm making the change to kegging and the one thing that has me totally confused is all the different hose/tubing sizes. I've read numerous posts about what sizes should be used for serving and even gone on to the kegerators.com...
  2. K

    Soldering Tri Clamp ferrules to SS Piping

    I am wondering if anyone has soldered tri clamp ferrules to stainless tubing to make up the various sections of their specific hard plumbing configuration of a home brewery? A subsequent question would be do Tri Clamp ferrule IDs match up with standard stainless tube ODs? When I search google...
  3. P

    Thickness of silicone tubing

    Hi gang, I have just purchased a wort pump to transfer wort on the hot side (Blichmann riptide). From the research I have done, it seems that 1/2'' ID silicone tubing is the way to go. But I haven't found anything clear on OD and pressure rating. The last thing I want is a tube full of hot...
  4. Jimmyco

    Running tubing through freezer for wort chilling

    Background: Many people just run tap water through their wort chillers to chill their wort, (1) in Arizona that would never work and (2) I hate wasting water like that. I bought a submersible pond pump and recirculate the water through an ice chest with ice water, it takes 7 minutes. It looks...
  5. S

    All Equipment for sale $500

    selling all equipment asking (reduces) $500, my loss your gain. Changing jobs and don’t have time any more. Equipment Included: Vinyl tubing All stainless custom drip tray Brewers Hydrometer Refractometer Custom recycle header Custom keg rebuild socket x2 PH live meter with 3 probes 2 sets pin...
  6. P

    Kegerator Line Question

    Hi All! New to the forum, hoping some of you can share some wisdom. I am hoping to change a rather dirty draft line and I encountered an issue when taking apart the kegerator coupler. Please see the attached photos. Can anyone tell me if that cinched piece of metal is closing the tube down...
  7. I

    Autosparge tube size

    Hi all, Does the Blichmann Autosparge use regular 1/2" silicone tubing? Info online seems to say that the float ball accepts tubing with an OD of 1/2", but standard 1/2" silicone has an OD of 3/4". Does that mean that it uses 3/8" ID tubing? Or is it some kind of non-standard thin-wall tubing...
  8. okiedog

    DuoTight tubing system from KegLand

    I just noticed this at Williams Brewing: https://www.williamsbrewing.com/DuoTight-Tubing-System-C375.aspx Has anyone used these, or are they new?
  9. M

    Pump upgrade dilemma - peripheral odds and ends

    Long time homebrewer, first time poster. Sorry in advance if this sounds familiar, but I am having trouble getting a good answer on hardware and tubing size for my new Chugger Pump (which has 1/2" connections). My problem is that I hear the preferred connection size for everything related to a...
  10. B

    Best way to swap hoses and reclaim wort during brew session

    I am new to using a pump - I tested the Riptide I just bought with water and it works quite well. But my CFC will drastically throttle the exit velocity from the whirlpool arm, so after cooling my wort, I will have to swap a few hoses to remove the chiller from the fluid circuit. Does anyone...
  11. mvestel

    tubing and pumps for 60gal batch size

    We are trying to scale up to about a 50 or 60 gal batch. we would like to start pumping our liquides from one container to another. Are there any suggestions about tubing ID size and pump size (HP and what ever specs you might need) recommended for this size of a batch setup? I'm thining...
  12. I

    help choosing the right equipment for a second hand 5 gal carboy

    So I recently told a friend of mine that I brewed a not crappy batch of beer. He informed me that he had one glass carboy (containing exactly 1 dead mummified mouse) and one what looks like plastic bottling bucket, but one that comes with a airtight seal (minus 1 o-ring), that I don't recognize...