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  1. mrbeachroach

    For Sale Kegerator $400OBO (One of a kind) for sale Nashville Tn area/ Cookeville

    I am selling my kegerator. Everything works great, just downsizing my homebrew operation. I converted an old hot point refrigerator and freezer into a kegerator. It will hold a nitrogen tank, CO2 tank, and (3) 5 gallon corney kegs. Typically I would have two beers on tap and one lagering...
  2. J

    For Sale Homebrew Equipment for sale (West Chicagoland)

    1 Kegerator - Kegco MDK309SS-01 Triple tabs with 630SS Perlick Faucets $500 1 3" Stainless Steel Double Faucet Tower SOLD Kegco KC DT2F-SS unused - Kegco Polished Stainless Steel Dual Faucet Draft Beer Tower - 3" Column. Perlick 630SS faucets $75 1 Singe Gauge Regulator Kegco KC 541...
  3. teesherv

    Sold Kegerator / Keezer Parts

    So it looks like my whole keezer set up didn't sell, so maybe you just want the parts. Located in Elk Grove (just south of Sacramento), CA. I'm able to ship the CMB tap and manifold and am open to shipping the regulators without the tanks, too. Pics posted in hopefully the same order as the...
  4. B

    Sold Kegco 3-way CO2 regulator

    Kegco Commercial Grade Three Gauge Secondary Regulator Like new condition, didn't quite fit with my small keezer setup. $75 shipped via paypal, or $60 picked up in NE Ohio.
  5. O

    Advice on Regulator

    Hello everyone! I recently decided to get into kegging. The regulator I purchased was hooked up properly, started to expel gas, then stopped. Since then no gas will travel through the outlet. Not sure what I did wrong. Tank is plenty full of gas, the first gauge shows lots of co2 left. The...
  6. rudylyon57

    CO2 regulator parts

    I'm looking for a supplier for the CO2 diaphragm shown in these photos. The regulators were purchased from Beverage Factory in 2015 but they are from a Kegco series that's no longer made. At least that's what I was told. I'd appreciate any tips for where I can purchase them.
  7. marlinmatt

    Last Straw bottle filler w\reg

    Last Straw and older but very solid commercial duty reg. $100 including Hoff Stevens Coupler Easy swap to corny setup, if that's what you have
  8. marlinmatt

    Oxygen Regulator

    This a super cool vintage fine. Used to oxygenate. They don't make em like this anymore! $25, 15 to ship if needed. I'll refund excess shipping if post office offers cheaper option Thanks, Matt
  9. marlinmatt

    Regulator 2 product

    Beverage factory 2 guage 2 product. Includes gas line and ball lock couplers (IDB) EZto adjust, has the locknut. $30.00 + 15 to ship if needed Thanks, Matt
  10. snarf7

    Question about Taprite multi-regulator

    Found a good deal on one of these on Ebay so I bought it and its on it's way. Note how the unit has a barb connector at both ends. With this configuration is it possible to feed it 30-40 psi from the tank into one side, set each individual dial as needed for the 4 kegs and then the output on...
  11. D

    Regulator Thread

    I bought an Arctic King Kegerator from Walmart and am wanting to add a tank pressure gauge since the regulator didn't come with one. This is the link to the Kegerator: Arctic King Single Tap Kegerator, 4.9 cu. ft, Stainless Steel - Inside it had a box from but multiple...
  12. Bob Mar

    Mini CO2 Regulator

    Great little travel kit designed for carbonating and serving beer with minimum space requirements. Ideal for traveling without the bulky tanks and additional gear. Includes: 1x Mini Regulator with multiple attachments to fit different size CO2 tanks 1x 20oz. CO2 container case with heavy-duty...
  13. P

    Leaking regulator

    Hey everyone! Had a question about regulator. I hear an air leak coming out of the little hole around 10, 11 o'clock (see picture for reference, circled in red) is this CO2 leaking. I can feel it when I put my finger over it? Thanks!
  14. J

    CO2 Leak?

    Hey all, New to the forums here. I'm two 5 gallon batches into moving to a kegging set up. Not even through the second batch I realized I'm already out of CO2. From the CO2 swap place I go to - apparently one of the canisters should last 5 or more 5 gallon batches. So, I'm trying to find the...
  15. R

    New to kegging. Help please

    Hello all. I’ve been brewing for a number of years, but have always bottled simply because I have a paranoia about gas canisters.... yes, seriously. I decided to bite the Co2 tank (like Jaws) and get into kegging. I have no idea what I’m doing. I just put the beer into primary fermenter so I’ve...
  16. A

    Removing Tank Pressure Gauge on Taprite Regulator

    After owning a brand new Taprite dual gauge regulator for a few months the tank pressure gauge is now totally destroyed from having the tank fall over too many times. I am now considering removing the tank pressure gauge entirely until I can demonstrate competency in tank regulator ownership...
  17. S

    All Equipment for sale $500

    selling all equipment asking (reduces) $500, my loss your gain. Changing jobs and don’t have time any more. Equipment Included: Vinyl tubing All stainless custom drip tray Brewers Hydrometer Refractometer Custom recycle header Custom keg rebuild socket x2 PH live meter with 3 probes 2 sets pin...
  18. beervoid

    Regulator doesn't stop building up pressure

    Hello, I've just run into a problem with my regulator. It's less then 5 month old and maybe used on 2 batches. Even when the regulator is dialed down as far as possible, as soon as I turn on the gas pressure starts building up and it doesn't stop till the security valve lets out pressure...
  19. A

    Adding a Second Regulator & hose to an Insignia Kegerator

    Got lazy and bought a 2 tap kegerator from Bestbuy and I want to have my CO2 and regulators outside of the unit rather than inside. There is a provision for a single hose on the back of the kegerator but I'm wondering if anyone has added a second hose hole? And if so, where did they locate it...
  20. B

    Suggestions for a dual regulator?

    I have a standard MicroMatic Dual Regulator: that I am replacing. Any suggestions on different brands, or specific products would be appreciated. This one has been ok, but I think the second regulator (on the left) has not ever worked that great. It has always had pressure...