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  1. D

    Regulator Thread

    I bought an Arctic King Kegerator from Walmart and am wanting to add a tank pressure gauge since the regulator didn't come with one. This is the link to the Kegerator: Arctic King Single Tap Kegerator, 4.9 cu. ft, Stainless Steel - Walmart.com Inside it had a box from Kegerator.com but multiple...
  2. Bob Mar

    Mini CO2 Regulator

    Great little travel kit designed for carbonating and serving beer with minimum space requirements. Ideal for traveling without the bulky tanks and additional gear. Includes: 1x Mini Regulator with multiple attachments to fit different size CO2 tanks 1x 20oz. CO2 container case with heavy-duty...
  3. P

    Leaking regulator

    Hey everyone! Had a question about regulator. I hear an air leak coming out of the little hole around 10, 11 o'clock (see picture for reference, circled in red) is this CO2 leaking. I can feel it when I put my finger over it? Thanks!
  4. J

    CO2 Leak?

    Hey all, New to the forums here. I'm two 5 gallon batches into moving to a kegging set up. Not even through the second batch I realized I'm already out of CO2. From the CO2 swap place I go to - apparently one of the canisters should last 5 or more 5 gallon batches. So, I'm trying to find the...
  5. R

    New to kegging. Help please

    Hello all. I’ve been brewing for a number of years, but have always bottled simply because I have a paranoia about gas canisters.... yes, seriously. I decided to bite the Co2 tank (like Jaws) and get into kegging. I have no idea what I’m doing. I just put the beer into primary fermenter so I’ve...
  6. A

    Removing Tank Pressure Gauge on Taprite Regulator

    After owning a brand new Taprite dual gauge regulator for a few months the tank pressure gauge is now totally destroyed from having the tank fall over too many times. I am now considering removing the tank pressure gauge entirely until I can demonstrate competency in tank regulator ownership...
  7. S

    All Equipment for sale $500

    selling all equipment asking (reduces) $500, my loss your gain. Changing jobs and don’t have time any more. Equipment Included: Vinyl tubing All stainless custom drip tray Brewers Hydrometer Refractometer Custom recycle header Custom keg rebuild socket x2 PH live meter with 3 probes 2 sets pin...
  8. beervoid

    Regulator doesn't stop building up pressure

    Hello, I've just run into a problem with my regulator. It's less then 5 month old and maybe used on 2 batches. Even when the regulator is dialed down as far as possible, as soon as I turn on the gas pressure starts building up and it doesn't stop till the security valve lets out pressure...
  9. A

    Adding a Second Regulator & hose to an Insignia Kegerator

    Got lazy and bought a 2 tap kegerator from Bestbuy and I want to have my CO2 and regulators outside of the unit rather than inside. There is a provision for a single hose on the back of the kegerator but I'm wondering if anyone has added a second hose hole? And if so, where did they locate it...
  10. B

    Suggestions for a dual regulator?

    I have a standard MicroMatic Dual Regulator: https://bit.ly/2WQz0oE that I am replacing. Any suggestions on different brands, or specific products would be appreciated. This one has been ok, but I think the second regulator (on the left) has not ever worked that great. It has always had pressure...
  11. B

    Pinvalve CO2 Regulator, Paintball tank, faucet, and fittings

    Mobile/extra CO2 setup for serving kegged beer. Selling off the remnants of my equipment Pinvalve(Paintball style) CO2 regulator from Keg Connection with ability to set specific psi. https://www.kegconnection.com/pinvalve-paintball-style/ ($58 new) 12 oz Painball Tank ( Empty )...
  12. B

    Question about a dual gauge CO2 regulator.

    Hey All, Thank you for reading. I just have a question about my dual gauge regulator... I can't get it to turn down under 20lbs of pressure. I have pulled the relief valve and turn the adjustment down all the way until the knob unscrews but the pressure will still not decrease. Am I doing...
  13. J

    Arrgghh - leaking from backside of regulator (photo)

    Spent 3 hours setting up my used and had water at 25 psi for 12 hours. Came back this morning and upped the pressure to 50psi and started hearing a leak from this middle valve. I am brand new to this and don't know what the valve is for or how to fix this. This valve leaks at lower pressure now...
  14. B

    FS. Taprite Dual Body 2 pressure CO2 regulator

    $65 shipped. Lightly used, in perfect shape. Sold kegerator. Threaded Pin lock gas connections included.
  15. Messir_Woland

    Is my regulator leaking?

    Recently I got an Air Liquide Blueshield Series 45 Oxygen regulator at a garage sale for $10. I decided to retire it for my CO2 system. I had the inlet nipple replaced. I used Teflon tape and pipe dope to seal all the threads and soap test showed no leaks. However I did the following test which...
  16. C

    Regulator bonnet replacement?

    I've got a regulator that I picked up used from a local on Craigslist. The pressure adjustment set-screw hole is stripped. Fortunately, the regulator otherwise works OK but I'd like to replace the bonnet. The regulator looks identical to this item...
  17. kelogs

    pressure regulators behaviour, sugar carbonating

    Hi, First time making cider - I have this standard pressure regulator like most other folks (not this really, but strikingly similar) I've set it to 2.3 bar (35 PSI) and let it sit for some 3 weeks, hoping my 17 C (59 F) cider barrel would carbonate. Result: apart from some nice looking...
  18. Dice_Boken

    Couple Of Questions About Regulators And Co2

    I’m new to kegging and only have YouTube vids and threads here on HBT to go off of. I have a couple of quick questions: Why is there a metal piece on the threading of my pressure adjustment knob on my regulator? (See pics below) Is it to keep the knob from moving once I set it? Also, I’ve heard...
  19. E

    Florida Taprite Primary Wye Regulator ($70 + shipping OBO)

    Purchased directly from Keg Connection in January 2018 for $73 + shipping. This regulator is essentially brand new. It's been used for a month in my kegerator, zero leaks and performs flawlessly. Comes with MFL fittings and 5/16" barbs. I'll even throw in the ~2' worth of gas tubing I have...
  20. S

    Kegging leaks

    Let me start off by saying I am really starting to hate kegging. I have been brewing for several years now and this past winter I finally finished my bar, purchased a fridge, converted to a kegerator, and acquired all the materials needed to keg. To say I was excited was putting it mildly...