A lot of headspace in secondary

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May 16, 2021
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I typically don’t transfer to a secondary, but these were some big beers I wanted to rack over fruit.

I am worried about all of that headspace - particularly the two small boys in the front. Would you be worried too? I purged both. Not sure if that helps - since I have never done it before. I have heard mixed things about stouts and oxidation, adding a layer of complexity to my slight concern.

So,is the fact that it’s a stout really a game changer if I want to age this for a few months before bottling?

Can anyone speak from experience?

The small one to the right has no fruit (I realize the egregious amount of headspace). The big one in the back has blackberries, and I saw some activity. The one to the left has cherries, just racked today - We’ll see if we get bubbles - again another wonder - will that blanket of co2 compromise the excessive headspace? All taste great if that matters at all.