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  1. J

    Can I brew a 1 gallon batch in a 5 gallon bubbler?

    Title kinda says it all; I’ve got a 5 gallon wide mouth bubbler that I intend to use for a 1 gallon batch melomel. Do I need to worry about too much headspace and upgrade to a 3 or 4 gallon batch? Or is it fine?
  2. A

    Barley wine secondary

    Hey guys so I brewed up a batch of Barley wine about a week ago, 1.102. I haven't checked the FG, but with 5 days of aggressive fermentation and a healthy yeast starter I'm fairly confident it is fermented out. So my plan was to rack to secondary on oak cubes, but the smallest carboy I have is...
  3. P

    Headspace - how to proceed?

    Thanks to all again for all the advice and tips thus far! Cider has been in primary for about two weeks. OG about 1.050, current SG about 1.001. Racked to secondary this evening, realized I’d made a rookie mistake, had about 5 gallons of cider, didn’t realize that my carboy is meant to hold...
  4. Bubbles2

    Head room?

    Thanks for looking in, How much head space should I leave for a Stout? 12oz bottles What is Blushing the Bottle?
  5. B

    Topping off heads space after primary

    So I just finished primary on a few carboys of cider (6 gallon, 5 gallon, and 3 gallon). They have fermented to dryness and I am ready to rack into new vessels. My only problem is that being so excited to begin fermenting cider, we used up all of our must to make as much as possible and...