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  1. BrewersJourney

    Homebrewing a Berliner Weisse Sour

    Link: Homebrewing a Berliner Weisse Sour I’ve been homebrewing for a little over 2 years now and I figured it was finally time to attempt my first sour beer! After searching the web for a good recipe I ended up just taking what I thought made sense from a few different ones and putting together...
  2. H

    Sour seltzer!

    Hello! So I’m pretty new to this whole form thing. I’ve been brewing home brew for about a year now and haven’t tried any type of sour yet. I just started a batch of seltzer and really thought a sour seltzer would be the bomb so I pitched the sugar and flavour mixture with a “wild brew sour...
  3. C

    Balancing Lactic Acid in Sour Beers

    Few things are as satisfying as tasting a newly opened homebrew and having it meet your expectations. Even more satisfying is when that beer is from the somewhat unpredictable realm of sour beers. Not all sour beers have to be left up to chance in order to achieve predictable results however...
  4. S

    Sour cider

    I'm thinking I would like to make a batch of sour cider - its feijoa season right now, and I dont mind the idea of throwing a few kilos into the fermenter and letting em stew for a while... Aiming to pull ~7 gallons So my thoughts were to put about 10kg (before freezing & scooping) of feijoa...
  5. Dgallo

    Beer Log #1 - First Wild Mix Fermentation

    So I am planning on starting my own small Wild/Sour project; I've really gotten into the broad style over the past few years thanks to Suarez Family Brewing and Plan Bee brewing, both relatively local to me. So in honor of launching, I figured I'd document my first Mixed Fermented Belgian...
  6. the_queen_bee

    Organic, Fair Trade Honey for Brewing at +50% OFF!

    We just took delivery of the most delicious brewing honey on the planet... and it's in the wrong package! We can't sell it in stores, so we are passing this deal on to Home Brewers... because we're home brewers too! This is organic, fair trade honey at a remarkable discount – less than half...
  7. Gnomebrewer

    Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer Really Easy Fruit Sour

    This has become a staple beer at my house. It's loved by non-beer drinkers, lager drinkers and craft beer drinkers. Kegs go faster than anything else I make. This is really simple, using the co-pitching method (sacch and lacto go into the ferment at the same time) which is easier than kettle...
  8. C

    Cider ph way too low

    I've had a honey crisp cider in the secondary for 9 months. Initially it was fermented with cider yeast. When I racked into the secondary I added a mixture of wild berries (sterilized with vodka) and I pitched lactobacillus and Brett. I just tasted it. it's good but it's extremely tart. Test...
  9. J

    Possible reasons why my beer went sour

    So I've been making double batch in a day, one BIAB and one on Grainfather both about 7 - 8 litres. One was Amber Ale and the other Saison. Everything went fine and I splitted a packet of Safale US-05. Yeast was pitched at 25°C and fermentation was 18 - 21°C. Both weren't opened since there is...
  10. Z

    Minnesota - Amoretti Fruit Puree

    I am looking to order some of the Craft Purees from Amoretti. Would anyone near Minneapolis area want to go in on an order to save on shipping? Shipping is a base of around $15ish for a single bottle but it barely goes up as you add more bottles. Purees are $27.99 for 750ml, but you can get...
  11. Z

    MN - Amoretti Puree Order

    I am looking to order some of the Craft Purees from Amoretti. Would anyone near Minneapolis area want to go in on an order to save on shipping? Shipping is a base of around $15ish for a single bottle but it barely goes up as you add more bottles. Purees are $27.99 for 750ml, but you can get...
  12. P

    Pellicule in my sour kettle??

    Did a kettle sour for the first time. Boiled it for 20 min before pitching lactobacillus plantarum and kept it at 100F for 2 days. When I opened the kettle I noticed a pellicule and some people ask me if there's was brett and no. I taste like a sour and no taste of brett. Is the pellicule normal...
  13. Andrew Hodgson

    Dry N Quick Sours (Gose)

    I am trying out a technique @RPh_Guy illustrates on a post in this thread: I am just starting this to document the process/results and if anyone else is trying similar things etc. etc. Simple Gose recipe: 7lb German Pilsner...
  14. spittybug

    Wild ferm down to pH 3.7, want to stop it.....

    I'm not a huge sour fan, but with all precautions in place to not contaminate my whole brewery, I made a sour using White Labs(?) Belgian sour mix yeast and what was essentially a witbier grain bill. It's sitting in a dedicated corny keg as a fermenter and been at it for about 5 months at ~85*...
  15. H

    17# of cherries, now what?

    Ended up at a farm with cherries for 1$/pound so I left with 17 pounds of cherries. Majority are bings which are incredibly juicy, but I also got about 6-7 pounds of sour pie cherries. I know I want to rack a sour on these eventually and also will split up some of the 5 gallons of mead I have...
  16. N

    Bootleg Biology | MTF Funk Island Mega Blend

    Pre-ordered this the other day without much research beforehand: I've used their Mad Fermentationist Saison Blend, Funk Weapon 2, and Funk Weapon 3 and have been very happy with them, but wanted some opinions on this one. From...
  17. V

    When Is It Considered a Sour?

    Recently just finished a Stout I did with 3 lb raspberries to 4 gallons beer and its freakin delicious. While tasting it with the fiancee she asked me so is this a stout or a sour? Just the day before we had a Raspberry Berliner Weiss that was very good but really had a similar taste profile...
  18. beervoid

    Sour beer with white koji

    Just read this article on making a quick sour within 1 hour by using 20 to 25% white koji in the mash and was wondering if there are any people here that have tried this method out and could share their experience with it.
  19. A

    Wort too acidic. How to PH up?

    Hi I'm new here. Accidentally I put too much LACTIC ACID on my wort. Already boied. It has a ph of 3.1. I need to bring it up to around 4. How can I do this? It's a witbier sour beer. 24 litres. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks
  20. DrGarbonzo

    Infection pics!

    Hey, just posting some cool/ nasty photos of a recent infection in a witbier I brewed about 6 weeks ago. While I really wanted to just put it in the basement for 6 months and see, I tasted it on two separate occasions and it was pretty awful, and then the large amount of top layer growth...