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  1. SmokeyRydr

    Li'll Red Pump Box Build

    Here's my first pump-box build: Li'll Red! I was inspired by so many here. Thanks for everyone's other build posts and ideas. Now I just need to clean the outside (the damn sticker goo) and add some paint details (switch labels, pump descriptions, etc.) Features: Portable/self-contained GFI...
  2. M

    Colorado All Grain Setup

    Used this setup for a 5 gallon brew in a bag system. Add a hot liquor tank and mash tun and you've got a ten gallon all-grain system no problemo. Everything in working order and well maintained. Located in Fort Collins. Included in this package: 15 gallon 304 stainless steel brew pot with...
  3. Killdozer666

    Rhode Island Complete 15 gallon brewhouse, plus brewing and draught equipment

    Hi, selling off my entire rig! Here's what she has. Make me an offer on anything! Pictures at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zyHO_YJgrIwgKgqzx53EYqcOKmGEEkCM 1/2 BBL (15 gallon) brewery - $950 Features: - Custom build, welded frame - Inline March pump with temp gauge - Hot Liquor Tank...
  4. B

    Riptide Pump Position Relative to Source/Destination

    I need some clarification on what the optimal position of a Riptide pump (or any pump like it) should be relative to my liquid source and destination. I know the pump needs to be below the source but by how far? Is there a general rule of thumb I can use to have the optimal height and length of...
  5. Gregory T

    Priming valve location and pump orientation

    I’m linking this thread cause it took me forever and several threads and theories to find it #maythe4thbewithyou ##happybigbrewday #witchdoctor https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/threads/a-short-pump-orientation-mounting-tutorial.306814/
  6. Gregory T

    Pump mount

    I just bought my first brew pump and am wondering if I need to mount it to something? I can find plenty of info about mounting to a brew stand, however this pump will be sitting on the ground. I can’t really find anything about that. I certainly don’t want to turn on a brand new March pump...
  7. Steven Sinclair


    So, one of my friends said I should join this site and ask my question because, and I quote, "If you can't find an answer on HBT, there isn't an answer." Anyway, what I'm looking for is a control panel that can manage not only dual 5500w elements simultaneously, but four pumps as well. I've...
  8. jmpreiks

    Chugger Classic Polysulfone pump for $64.95 with Free Shipping

    The Chugger Classic pump with a polysulfone head is on sale for $64.95 direct from the manufacturer, with free shipping. That's in the same price range as the much weaker Mark II pumps. https://www.chuggerpumps.com/product/cpps-in-1/
  9. R

    Grainfather Pump Question

    Hello Grainfather users, I just got a unit and have a few questions about using the pump. Since there's no tap, all the liquid in the unit needs to be pumped out (or dumped) after usage. I was wondering if when pumping liquid out, one should be careful that the pump doesn't run dry. Say, if I...
  10. d3track

    Minnesota FS Chugger Pump

    Selling my Chugger pump as I have made some changes to my brew system. I do have an extra O-ring for it as well. Asking $65 - local pickup in the Minneapolis area preferred, or buyer pays shipping.
  11. RGHops

    Chugger Pump Bleed Valve Question

    I bought a pump to use for things like filling the HLT, recirculating the wort, etc. It dawned on me that once I fill the HLT, I will have a 5 foot hose filled with hot water. My thought is to add a bleed valve to the pump output. I would have the pump head - output flow valve - tee - bleed...
  12. micraftbeer

    Hands on Review of Mark II Wort Pump- and Flow Test Data

    I recently did a hands-on review of the Mark II wort pump sold at Pro Flow Dynamics. One thing people should be aware of is there is more than one "Mark II" or "MK II" wort pump out there, and it's easy to get the two crossed up. One version just has an IPX2 water resistance rating, meaning it...
  13. F

    Out building brewing

    Hello, new to the forum so I hope that I am posting to the right conversation. Bought a new house with an out building. I want to continue brewing there. However, there are little options for getting water to the water for sanitation and clean up. I have a stainless steel sink from my old...
  14. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Wort chiller pump

    Hello everyone, I just bought this pump and I was wondering if anyone has some insights on how to proceed to cool my wort with it. I am not sure If this pump will break when passing the almost boiling wort through it. Does anyone have some advice or technique? Should I pass cold water? Or tap...
  15. So Shay

    Medium show mead

    Hey folks used a wine pump and head space eliminator on a med show mead and I don't think anything got in my fermenter. That being said I have a film on top of the mead that I believe might just be yeast floating on the surface but I was curious if anyone else thought otherwise. Also has anyone...
  16. serum67

    California Chugger Pump (Stainless) - NEW - $75 Shipped!

    Brand new, never used SS Chugger pump. BNIB. $75 Shipped! (US Only).
  17. S

    Maryland Beer Engine (Hand Pump, Pull)

    I am selling a beer pump made by Hi-Gene co in England. Asking $375.00. I am located in Frederick MD, would prefer not to ship.
  18. J

    For Sale: Kal Near-Clone 20 gallon 30 Amp Electric Brewery

    I recently found out I will likely be unable to drink much beer anymore due to a minor medical condition (huge bummer, but nothing serious), so I am looking to sell a significant stash of brewing supplies including a near-clone of Kal's 30 Amp 20 gallon electric brewery...
  19. D

    Georgia March 809 Pumps Qty 3

    Lower Price 3 March 809 Pumps. Parting out system. Everything for sale. Make Offer. Text to 4044028836 Dave Pump #1 -March 809 w/SS Head + L15 Plug - $125 Shipped Lower 48 Pump #2 - March 809 w/SS Head + Standard Plug -$115 Shipped Lower 48 Pump#3 - March 809 w/poly pump...
  20. MX1

    Colorado Last few items to sell

    My other thread was getting a bit confusing for me to keep up with..... here are the last few items for sale. eBoil kettle drilled for element w/ sight glass and thermo well - (element not included) $250 plus actual shipping Poly Chugger pump with 2 piece ball valve $75 plus actual shipping...