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  1. B

    Pump recommendation

    Was wondering if anyone could recommend a self-priming brew pump for a decent price. Preferably under $150.
  2. C

    Pumping wort into FastFerment

    Hello fellow brewers! Looking for some ideas from the group. I use a pump to push the wort through a plate chiller into a FastFerment 14g. When I have a helper it's no problem, they just hold the hose into the top of the fermenter. The top of the fermenter is nearly 5-1/2 feet of the ground...
  3. B

    First Time Whirlpooling with Pump

    I tried whirlpooling with a Riptide and a Spin Cycle arm during my brew a few days ago, but was pretty underwhelmed by the results. I didn't have any sort of trub cone at the bottom of the kettle - all the cold break seemed to be spread out on the bottom of the kettle like it normally is. I had...
  4. A

    North Carolina Grainfather Connect System For Sale

    Selling one of my Grainfathers. Its a Grainfather Connect, only about 2 months old, never used to brew, only heat water. Comes with grainfather, connect controller, and counterflow chiller. I'm asking $825 including shipping to lower 48 states. PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE! Cheers!
  5. NorthCountyBrewing

    Missouri McCann's E4 Carbonator Pump w/soda pump

    McCann's E4 Carbonator Pump for sale.Used, still works perfect. Comes with one Coke style Bag-in-Box Soda pump. Free Shipping to Lower 48. $300 OBO. PayPal.
  6. B

    Recirculation questions

    I have read some materials recently talking about people's recirculation methods actually seeming to be detrimental, not beneficial. So how do you build a kettle with a useful recirculation function? Where do you put the temperature probe? What device do you use to evenly distribute the...
  7. B

    Kettle Help for eBIAB build

    I need some non-electrical help: I am looking for some help on putting together a kettle for my eBIAB build. I had initially planned on using my thin-walled aluminum kettle which already has a ball valve in it, but I have read that aluminum and stainless have some unwanted interactions when...
  8. B

    Need advice re pump

    We need to move Kombucha from our commercial size fermenter to food grade buckets for flavoring. The fermenters are on stands but not high enough up to let gravity take its course. We’ve read that a chugger pump may be the way to go. Would love some advice as we’ve never needed pumps until now...
  9. B-Dub

    California March 809 Pump $75

    All, I am selling off my second pump. Now that I am only brewing one batch per brew day I no longer require two. https://slo.craigslist.org/for/d/homebrew-brew-brewing-beer/6419246827.html I am in the San Luis Obispo area of the central coast. Reply through the craigslist ad if interested...
  10. wuertele

    Controlling RIMS with a grant

    I think I understand how a PID controller works, but so far I have only seen examples with one input (the thermistor voltage) and one output (the heater control). That shoud work fine when the flow rate of the wort is constant, but how do you manage it with a grant? The way I think a grant...
  11. SP_Spiff

    Little Giant 3-MD-HC Costs

    I'm looking to put together a new system and am considering the LG 3-MD-HC pumps. Based on past posts, there were some great deals on ebay over the past 6 months but not so much anymore. The last two LG pumps (581603) went for $150 and $180, with another posted for $206. I found at a New...
  12. mvestel

    tubing and pumps for 60gal batch size

    We are trying to scale up to about a 50 or 60 gal batch. we would like to start pumping our liquides from one container to another. Are there any suggestions about tubing ID size and pump size (HP and what ever specs you might need) recommended for this size of a batch setup? I'm thining...
  13. C

    Little Giant 2 MD, just bought 2 for $55 each

    I just pulled the trigger on 2 Little Giant 2 MD pumps on Ebay for $55 dollars each. The auction is for $78 each but I put a best offer at $55 and the seller took it. There are 2 pumps left available on his auction...