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Jon Smith

New Member
Aug 11, 2018
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I recently found out I will likely be unable to drink much beer anymore due to a minor medical condition (huge bummer, but nothing serious), so I am looking to sell a significant stash of brewing supplies including a near-clone of Kal's 30 Amp 20 gallon electric brewery (http://www.theelectricbrewery.com). I have successfully brewed about 10 batches with the system so everything is still in really good shape, but also has enough experience under its belt to prove functionality and robustness. I live in Columbus, OH and would prefer not to deal with shipping such large and expensive equipment so hoping to make a local transaction. I also spend quite a bit of time in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville if those cities are more accessible for you.

Control panel was built myself using Kal's DIY kit. While I could never match Kal's or Spike's wiring quality, I do have two engineering degrees, an obsessive attention to detail, and a bit of professional experience building other electromechanical control systems (though none this serious), so I feel good about the quality and robustness of the panel. Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and I cannot legally provide a warranty or assume responsibility for the longevity or safety of this equipment. Purchase at your own risk.

The rest of the setup is a near clone except for the following major changes:

- HLT and Boil Kettle are Megapot 2.0s instead of Blichmann Boilermakers

o Pros: Cheaper

o Cons: Heavier, no sight glass

o Neutral: No thermometers (can be useful, but also get in the way and are redundant)

o I stuck with the Blichmann Boilermaker for the Mash Tun due to its superior false bottom

- Pumps are Steelheads

o Got these to save money, have worked great so far

- HERMS coil was custom made by stainlessbrewing.com

o Got this to save money and it is beautiful and works great

- I opted for a cheaper vent fan and made a cheap hood out of a large SS bowl since I was operating out of my basement and only had a 2 foot run out of the house. Haven’t had any issues with moisture with this configuration though it is pretty unique to my setup

I am also selling the remainder of a fully functional brewery including a very nice custom chest freezer kegerator, a fermentation chamber (PID controlled fridge), 6 ball lock corny kegs, 2 stainless steel Anvil conical bucket fermenters, a very solid though less than pretty metal brew table (old desk), a C02 tank and tubing, an O2 tank, a homemade yeast starter stir plate, and all the accessories, gadgets, and supplies you would expect from a decently organized home brewery.

Pictures and a list of most available items with original purchase price (just for context) can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GoJTSCmryALBqlVuoCPt0_bVh_3ibAD9?usp=sharing

I am willing to piece almost everything out but will give preference to those who are interested in batch purchases. Will also give deeper discounts for those looking to purchase more items, and for those purchasing big ticket items I will give free rein to raid the 100’s of dollars of random supplies that have no value to me anymore but could save you a ton of money if you need them. Will take $4000 for everything or best offer, or can give individual prices depending on what you are interested in.

Please address inquiries to [email protected]. If you are having trouble accessing the google drive link, email me and I can invite you directly.