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  1. A

    First porter here

    Fellow Fellow Friends, planning on making my first porter on Friday. 1 gallon since im readily new. Bestmalz Pilsner: 760 g Bestmalz Chocolate 100 g Nugget: 4 gr Cascade 3 gr Yeast Safale 04: 2,3 gr It was recommedended to use two hops (nugged and Cascade) so I do not know the optimum time to...
  2. T

    Anyone tried high sulfates to chloride in a stout or porter? -- General stout water profile discussion

    Hi guys, this is Mike in Bali Indonesia Has anyone tried to brew a porter or a stout with a high sulfite to chloride ratio? I'm wondering if there are any good iterations that could be done of it. I've done something like that with around a 3.0 sulfite to chloride as a black IPA. It was...
  3. BrewFinn

    Smoky dark beer recommendation?

    Hi. I want to make a porter or stout (or similar dark beer) with a heavy taste of smoke. A couple of years ago i tried a beer called Dunkle Macht by Landgang Brauerei in Hamburg, and I really enjoyed the combination of a dark porter and lots of smoke. (1000 Getraenke | Biertest - Landgang Dunkle...
  4. A

    Looking for information on how historical English Porters were aged.

    Recently I was researching Rodenbach and found some interesting information on English Porters. Quoted below: (Source: Brewery Rodenbach: Brewing Sour Ales) Since then, I've really been wondering what it is that would have been special about the old ale. Presumably with age would come...
  5. Gus_13

    English Porter Somewhat Brown Porter - Addkison Ales & Lagers

    So I'm brewing this tonight. I planned on last weekend but other things came up. I pieced this together reading Ron Pattinson's blog as well as other various sources. I'll keep the thread updated the best I can with the brew and the results. Feedback always welcomed as well. English/Brown...
  6. N

    Wild yeast pellicle on homebrew

    Hey y’all, I recently bought some extra lids for my ferm buckets with some holes pre-drilled in them for #7 bungs. I used one for the first time a couple weeks ago when I started fermentation on an imperial porter I brewed. I used a large starter of us-05, but after a couple days, I was still...
  7. C

    One mash, two beers - Steeping

    Hi. My question is: If I do a 10gal mash of say an English Bitter consisting of MO+C60+Amber. Would it be ok to split that mash in two and add some steeped grains in just one of the worts? Lets say I add some Chocolate + C120 to one batch making it into something like a Porter. That way with...
  8. TheMadKing

    American Porter Honeymoon Porter (2x gold medals + 2nd place BOS)

    I brewed this the first time right before my own wedding, and then tweaked the recipe a year later. I essentially made an American porter with English porter ingredients (stronger and hoppier). This took a gold medal and second place best-of-show in the 2019 Peach State Brew Off (the largest...
  9. OtisLamb

    Creating a Porter with Mull Spices

    Hello: One of the projects that the Home Brew Club I am a member of does is create Holiday or Winter Beers. This year I decided to create a brew for this presentation. My idea is to use a basic Porter recipe (and there are hundreds of them) and adopt it to include mulled spices. In this...
  10. Sbe2

    Coconut Porter w/ Sabro

    Thinking about doing a coconut porter and looking to use Sabro in the dry hop along with dried coconuts. Am I crazy? I have a half a pound of it left and would like to experiment with it a bit.
  11. M

    Coconut Brewing: sweetened or unsweetend, that is the question

    I have a chocolate porter in the primary right now, and decided to add coconut to it. All I can find is Bakers Sweetened coconut, and I didn't know if its flavor would turn my porter into a syrupy-tasting mess or not (the porter is already riding on the sweet side (1/2 lb. Special B and 1/2 lb...
  12. prah

    Robust Porter... maybe?

    Hi folks, i'm a farly new all grain brewer (currently on my 5 batch), I absolutely need your advice on this one: on my last batch i was ready to brew a Stout so i bought a good amount of Maris otter as base malt and some specialties... except roasted barley (LOL) so i decided not to go for the...
  13. CrimsonYellow

    Secondary Fermentation with Spice Infused Whisky?

    Hi guys, I tried to search the forum for secondary fermentation with whisky and somehow could only find whisky infusions using wood chips. :tinhat: My brew day, this weekend (my first recipe), is a Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg Porter. Hops - Williamette and WGV. Pre-mash volume - 18L Batch...
  14. A

    Recommend a Recipe Please - Raspberry +?

    I have a kilo of raspberry puree leftover from the Raspberry Wheat beer I brewed and I would like to do something with it. I'm not interested in lambic/sour beers I'm much more interested is a Stout or Porter in the 5 to 6% ABV range. I'd appreciate any recipes that you have brewed and can...
  15. B

    Coffee! How, When, Amounts?

    First time using coffee: Question at the bottom, but first here is the recipe: Fermentables: 70% Maris Otter 10% Brown Malt 10% Flaked Oats 5% Pale Chocolate 5% Roast Barley Hops: 60 min: 28 IBUS of Target 5 min: 4 IBUS of EKG Yeast: Imperial A09 Pub Target OG: 1.060 Target FG: 1.013-.015...
  16. M

    American Toasted Porter Recipe

    This is the best dark beer I've brewed thus far (been brewing for about 7 years). It doesn't really fit in any specific category, so it probably wouldn't win any competition, but it fits my taste (and maybe yours) to a T. Slightly bitter, rich chocolate, toasty as hell. The addition of sour...
  17. B

    Bourbon barrel porter recipe help

    I'm trying to make a bourbon barrel porter-type brew but I'm often wary of that style being too sweet, especially by the time I've gotten to the bottom of the glass. I like the bourbon and oak flavors but I want something more like a stout in terms of flavor profile. I've done a few things to...
  18. Infantryjared1

    Maple Porter-when to add the syrup

    Hello everyone. My very first brew is a maple porter. It's a kit I got for Christmas. Anyway, the directions say to add the syrup 5 days into fermentation and swirl the carboy. I'm brand new, but what I've read suggests that may be late to disturb the yeast causing off flavors. It calls for only...
  19. EnglishAndy

    Cold steeping & water treatment

    I'm planning a porter for this weekend's brew and am working through the water treatment in Brunwater. I will be cold steeping the roasted grains for 24 hours like the guides on the internet tell you to do. I'm a little confused as to what water needs what treatment. I'm guessing that it's...
  20. mrstevenund

    Imperial Porter - need to raise PH

    I was getting ready to brew tomorrow, last step being water. I entered everything into Bru'n Water but can't get the PH up to where I want. Calculated Mash PH 5.2. For Black beers, should be closer to 5.4 for smoother Roast. I'm using BIAB, 8.2 gallons distilled water. I took a look at...