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  1. B

    Pickling lime addition to mash

    I'm brewing an imperial American porter tonight. I use Bru'n Water to adjust my water (tap, not RO) and am planning to add a small amount of pickling lime to raise the mash pH. I understand that pickling lime should be added to the mash after dough-in as needed for pH adjustments. My question...
  2. rhys333

    American Porter Chinooklehead Porter

    CHINOOKLEHEAD PORTER 55% 2 Row - 5.5 lbs 20% Wheat - 2 lb 10% C80 - 1 lb 10% Brown - 1 lb 5% Chocolate - 0.5 lb 0.25 oz Chinook @ 60 (12aa) 0.5 oz Chinook @ 15 US-05 First brewed during the deepest depths of a cold northern winter. And I mean COLD. The temperature outdoors was a bone-chilling...
  3. R

    First attempt at my own Porter

    Here's something I came up with. Let me know what you guys think. Heated 1.5 gal of water to 170. 2lbs of Chocolate patent malt was then steeped in a grain sack at 150 for 45minutes. The grain sack was removed and the wort was brought to a boil. I then added: 1lb Maltodextrin 3lb of...
  4. aroland8517

    High Gravity Baltic Porter

    High Gravity Baltic Porter (Extract & Steeped Grain) Recipe Volume: 5 gallons Boil Volume: 3 gallons Yeast: WLP099 - Super High Gravity Yeast Malts: Muntons Dry Amber Malt Extract - 5.0 lbs. Briess Liquid Munich Malt Extract - 6.0 lbs. (@ Knockout) Crystal Malt (80 L) - 0.5 lbs...
  5. J

    What About Stout? Porter / ale / stout naming debates

    What About Stout? is an article just published by Blast Magazine in Boston, MA. It compares Guinness to other stouts, visits the porter / stout naming debate, and tries to define terms such as ale and lager. There’s a comment board where you can agree or disagree.