Coffee! How, When, Amounts?

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Jun 10, 2012
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First time using coffee: Question at the bottom, but first here is the recipe:

70% Maris Otter
10% Brown Malt
10% Flaked Oats
5% Pale Chocolate
5% Roast Barley

60 min: 28 IBUS of Target
5 min: 4 IBUS of EKG

Imperial A09 Pub

Target OG: 1.060
Target FG: 1.013-.015

5.5 gallons in fermentor

What is your favorite way to add coffee to an oatmeal porter/stout recipe like this? How much/what method do you recommend? I obviously want something noticeable, but not overbearing...balanced! I am down for anything: cold brew, multiple additions, tincture, whatever!
Check this out.

Scott gets into the weeds a bit and geeks out on some of the details most wouldn't worry about, but there's some good info here. One thing in particular i took away - whole bean vs grounds. I just added whole beans to a RyePA, and Scott's entry helped me with a starting point on amount and what to expect.
I go for whole beans, usually dark roast (espresso roast gets a bit too bitter to my taste), in the fermenter with 3-4 days left before packaging. I put them in a bag or a hop spider weighted down with marbles. Usually somewhere around 3oz