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  1. L

    Serviceable plate chiller?

    Just curious, why isn't there a commercially available plate chiller that can be disassembled and cleaned, similar to what professional breweries use? I assume the obvious answer is cost, but is there another reason I'm missing?
  2. tneary

    Sold [LI/NY] SWEP Plate Chiller (NOS) - $40

    SWEP 14 plate chiller model B5Hx14/1P-SC-S Plate Chiller Refrigerant Heat Exchanger. 1/2" NPT threads. Standard Camlock and QD 1/2" threads would screw in. New Old Stock. I had this for quite some time and Never used it. located on Long Island - $40 Willing to ship at buyers expense...
  3. C

    Sold Blichmann Electric BoilerMaker 10gal/240V + Ss Brewtech 7gal Conical w/FTSs + MORE!! - local in Albuquerque, NM & surrounding area

    Hey all, This is a complete stainless extract brewing kit yard sale of sorts, all high quality, all for sale locally in the southwest surrounding area of Albuquerque, NM!!! Looking to do a local bulk (of halved) sale for cash of the following items to someone looking to step up to stainless...
  4. Golddiggie

    Sold SOLD - NH - Duda Diesel 40 plate chiller (12" wide) NPT/garden hose

    Selling my old plate chiller from Duda Diesel since I now have a larger one. This one is setup with the NPT connections for wort and garden hose connections for chill water. I will also include angle fittings for the chill water (to make it easier to connect up hoses). I had it setup with TC...
  5. Climb

    Using a Counter Flow Chiller as a heat exchanger for mash temperature control

    Just doing some brainstorming on how to reduce brewing equipment or have a device perform multiple functions. Along this line of thought; has anyone used a Counter Flow Chiller (CFC) or a plate chiller as a heat exchanger for mash temperature control instead of a HERMS coil or RIMS setup? It...
  6. S

    Blichmann Therminator Plate Chiller $100

    Works great, $100 plus shipping.
  7. HarvesterOfBeer

    Does it matter which way I hook up this plate chiller?

    I have a number of these Weyee plate chillers (from PicoBrew), which I intend to use for (duh) wort chilling with my newly functional Zymatic. Any idea if it matters which pair of ports I run the water through and which I run the wort through?
  8. E

    Which is more efficient? Plate Chiller or Counterflow?

    I currently have a pretty good counterflow chiller made of copper. It seems to do the job fairly well and quickly. But it does seem to use a lot of water in the process. So, before I invest in a plate chiller, I must ask: will a 40 plate chiller be more efficient than what I have? Has anyone...
  9. M

    AC Chiller Wort Chiller

    All.. I wanted to share what I am doing to maximize my AC chiller usage as well as solve the issue with using water in the garage in the winter months. Basically I have setup my AC chiller to drive the coils in my CF10 for chilling as well as the ability to drive cold glycol into my plate...
  10. Foam Stand

    Minnesota Blichmann Therminator Wort Chiller

    Gently used Blichmann Therminator wort chiller for sale. It's in great condition and chills quickly. $100 Local pick up in the Twin Cities available
  11. M

    Ohio Electric Keggle, Control Panel, MT, Plate Chiller

    I'm selling most of my hot side equipment in attempt to simplify. I'm keeping everything together for now, pick up only. I'll part out if it doesn't sell in two weeks. - Keggle with welded fittings in the bottom and one weldless towards the top that I used for a steam condenser. 5500 watt...
  12. V

    Canada Complete Homebrew Setup (Vancouver Island)

    I am selling my complete All-grain BIAB setup Will sell piece by piece< but would rather liquidate it for an easy transaction. Include: 10 Gallon Igloo cooler with SS fittings, and Brew Bag to fit 10 Gallon Brew Kettle Multiple 5 and 6 gallon glass carboys with bungs and airlocks Brew pump with...
  13. P

    Quick Disconnect Does Not Turn

    Hi everyone! recently I got a plate chiller with some quick disconnects to chill my wort, and some fittings to be able to connect everything but the issue I'm having is that my 1/2" quick disconnects won't fit on my 1/2" fittings, both sets of pieces were bought on Amazon, the links are below...
  14. javert

    Hot wort loop for plate chiller

    I've been in lactic acid bacteria hell, where every beer has turned into sour whey after a few weeks. Don't have the strict log but it coincides a lot with the use of a recently acquired plate chiller. I returned to the dreaded copper coil immersion chiller for the time being but can't stay...
  15. Gadjobrinus

    Better Choice for Post Leaf HopBack, and one pass - CFC, PC?

    I know in so many ways this has been beaten to death but I did search and haven't found something specific to this. I am moving to whole leaf brewing, in stages. I am planning on inserting a whole leaf hopback after the pump, on to a chiller. I don't have the ability to gravity feed the HB...
  16. B

    North Carolina SOLD

    Used Blichmann Therminator Plate Chiller. In great shape. After brewing, I always circulated hot pbw through it, followed by hot water, followed by star san during cleanup. These things will outlast us all. Throwing in the back flush hose, a blichmann thrumometer(purchased separately) and...
  17. Hiphop

    Deep clean of heavily used plate chiller

    Hey all, about a month ago I bought a heavily used 40 plate chiller on Craigslist. I thought I was getting a great deal on a 40 plate chiller for 50 bucks but when I got home and took a flash light inside I could see the wort in was almost completely clogged. I mean I doubt this guy has ever...
  18. K

    10 Gallon total home brew setup

    Asking $500 OBO 10 Gallon all grain home brew setup. This is my system that I have pieced together over the past 8 years. Complete with converted keg kettle (with volume sight glass, thermometer, and ball valve) and "Gatorade" coolers for mash tun and hot liquor tank with external temp probe...
  19. amishland

    Michigan Blichmann Engineering Thermonator and HopRocket NIB($200)

    Both product boxes have been opened but never used. $200 firm, and you pay shipping. I was planning on adding a march pump, but have taken a break from the hobby for a few years. Hopefully my price is right for you, and these bad boys can go to a nice home. JAY
  20. H

    Plate-Chiller Revival: Remove severe mineral deposits

    Hey all, My father-in-law just replaced the hot water plate heat-exchanger in his house due to hot water issues. Luckley for me it turned out the old one wasn't an issue so I grabbed it to use as a plate chiller. I think once it's cleaned up it will work great BUT it has some pretty heavy...