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Canada Complete Homebrew Setup (Vancouver Island)

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Nov 29, 2016
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I am selling my complete All-grain BIAB setup Will sell piece by piece< but would rather liquidate it for an easy transaction.
10 Gallon Igloo cooler with SS fittings, and Brew Bag to fit
10 Gallon Brew Kettle
Multiple 5 and 6 gallon glass carboys with bungs and airlocks
Brew pump with plate chiller
Hoses and fittings for brew pump
20-30 pounds of assorted grains
Five Star Sanitizer
Dual tap kegerator parts, no Co2 tank
Three ball lock, 5 gallon, soda kegs
Extra fittings, all stainless, mostly 1/2'' SwageLok(too many to list)
Bar fridge with temperature controller, including heat output, for fermentation chamber
Various adjuncts and other accessories
this includes everything you need for a successful brew day except for a burner, or element for your boil.
Asking $800 Canadian, but I am open to offers and would consider shipping within North America, but the buyer will pay for the shipping
pictures and more details are available upon request