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Ohio Electric Keggle, Control Panel, MT, Plate Chiller

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Jan 30, 2007
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Cleveland, OH
I'm selling most of my hot side equipment in attempt to simplify. I'm keeping everything together for now, pick up only. I'll part out if it doesn't sell in two weeks.

- Keggle with welded fittings in the bottom and one weldless towards the top that I used for a steam condenser. 5500 watt element, thermocouple and site glass.
- 10 gal cooler mash tun with false bottom
- Homemade control panel with Aubrins PID and SSR. It's built in a plastic tool box. One on/off switch for a pump.
- Keg Cowboy Plate Chiller 30 plate
- 2 x silicon tubing with QDs on both ends
- 1 x silicon tubing with QD on one end and garden hose fitting on the other

Asking $350 for the setup. Pick up in the Cleveland east-side suburbs.

IMG_0688.jpg IMG_0688.jpg IMG_0689.jpg IMG_0690.jpg IMG_0692.jpg IMG_0693.jpg IMG_0694.jpg IMG_0695.jpg IMG_0696.jpg IMG_0697.jpg IMG_0698.jpg
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