10 Gallon total home brew setup

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Karsen Moon

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Oct 4, 2018
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Asking $500 OBO

10 Gallon all grain home brew setup. This is my system that I have pieced together over the past 8 years. Complete with converted keg kettle (with volume sight glass, thermometer, and ball valve) and "Gatorade" coolers for mash tun and hot liquor tank with external temp probe.

Misc parts
- 2 fermenter buckets and 1 glass carboy with brush and airlocks
- Plate chiller with out flow temp and sump pump for water circulation
- Stir plate to grow a yeast pitch with flask
- High temp hose
- Bottle capper, sg hydrometer, siphon and funnel with strainer
- Mash paddle and large spoon
- Extra small pot and lid.

The only thing you would need to brew a batch is ingredients and a burner.