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Jul 25, 2013
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Idylis 7.1-cu ft chest freezer from Home Depot (limited selection of brands in Alaska). The most time-intensive part was conditioning the wood.


Custom-cut 1/2" foam insulation to fit within the 2x8" pine frame.


Foam insulation before holes/adhesive... These pieces wedged in there nicely and I didn't end up using spray adhesive.


With 2 of 4 potential shank holes. (15/16" hole for Stainless Steel KromeDispense shanks)


After extensive sanding, conditioning, staining, and first coat of semi-gloss. Note the temperature sensor hole in bottom right of back panel.


Finished collar mounted on the chest freezer. Used a strip of weather stripping between freezer and collar.

Insulation carved for 2 of 4 potential shanks.

Johnson Controls A421 temperature controller. This is a great product. I've seen complaints that the instructions are difficult to follow. Not true. It is a simple machine and if you understand what it is doing then you can configure it properly. This cools the fridge from 41˚F down to 38˚F (a 6-10 min run cycle every 70-75 mins for 15 total gallons inside--see sensor placement below).


I used 3M poster hangers to tack the foam insulation to the collar. 3M Aluminum cold-weather tape for complete seal, silicone gel in the difficult corners. Temperature sensor strapped to 1L water bottle. Long shanks for more thermal mass. (not pictured is the small compressor hump extension for carboy shelf).


Completely assembled with Perlick 650SS faucets and 12" Kegco SS drip tray (held on with L-brackets and neodymium magnets).


Beautiful faucets with SS KromeDispense pulls.
very nice! I have one of these I had planned to do this to, but lazyness and the ease of picnic taps have kept me from doing it..this certainly motivates me a bit more to get moving with it!