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  1. M

    Pellicle, Mold, or Other?

    Kettle soured beer at the end of fermentation. Came to look at it before cold crashing and found this. Wtf am I looking at? Process: created my wort. Soured down to 3.1ph before boiling off and transferring to fermenter. US05 yeast to ferment. Found it like this. I started my cold crash and...
  2. P

    Mold on ten day perry brew

    it smells like normal cider now, its bubbling but looks like small specks of white\green mold. What should i do?
  3. SnyderCider

    Green Mold on top of Cider

    Hey all, so I started a batch of hard cider and during the third day of fermentation I noticed little circles of green mold on top of the cider. Was wondering if there is a way of salvaging this batch or if it's a lost cause and best to just dump it.
  4. Garrett_McT

    Poor Cleaning Plan for Stainless Steel Kettles

    Before people beat me over the head, I know I am an idiot. So I let my two 7 gal stainless steel kettles with double ports, two bazooka screens, and a hop spider sit half rinsed for a week covered with lids. Mostly due to laziness, then getting sick and postponing. I was wondering if anyone...
  5. D

    Is this mold?

    Belgian Tripel, been in a stainless conical for 4 months. Is this mold? Is it ruined?
  6. O

    Mold Control

    Hello! I'm amateur cheese maker and produce cheese using a modified Stracchino recipe, though I ripen it longer, aiming at creating a thin layer of tasty mold on the outside. Problem: as my geotrichum develops slowly, other molds colonize my cheese: a thinly spreading orange mold buds of blue...
  7. J

    New brewing, help identifying

    Hello, I know there is tons of post similar to mine, but I couldn't find any pictures that looks like mine. I am trying my second Kombucha brew, but as I was about to do the second fermentation I saw those white spot on the scoby. I did my research, but I am unsure. They do not look like the...
  8. G

    help! is this mold growing on my cider? (video)

    This is my first time trying to make a wild fermentation cider so I haven't added campden tablets and have not pitched commercial yeast. I milled and pressed the apples myself. It's day 4 of sitting in my carboy and I noticed these small white things floating at the surface of the cider. I am...
  9. jonathonhagerty

    Infected Starter? (PICS)

    Hi HBT, Does this starter look infected? It is a 2L starter of white labs 2206 Bavarian Lager yeast. I used one pack manufactured 7/16/2020, two cans of Propper starter, and two bottled-waters. I did a stir starter one week ago for a 36 hours and chilled in my keezer for 3 days at 45F. MOLD...
  10. fishbowlbrewco

    White floater questions (and pics) for 8 month Belgian Dark Strong Ferment

    Hey Y’all. We’ve got a situation and I’m not sure what our next steps should be. We’ve got our Belgian dark strong which was brewed 8 months ago. It had a pretty slow ferment. Started at 1.114 OG and got down to 1.040 after 3 months. So, I transferred it into new sanitized and co2 purged...
  11. RC Wasyliw

    Kombucha Mold?

    Im making my 1st batch of Kombucha. I purchased a kit. My scoby sunk to bottom and is still there. It has been 7 days. I see a white film forming on the top and one small spot of green mold. Looks like a crumb may have fallen in. Do I have to toss everything or will scoby be ok since he's on...
  12. K

    First Timer.. is this Mold

    On day 7 of first fermentation. Is this mold. It’s been a bit cold but it’s always said it’s at least 75’. It’s floating on top. The Scoby has sunk to one of the sides. Thanks for any help.
  13. R

    Star San leaked and turned box and wood flooring black. Is this mold, rot or a chemical reaction. Is this unsafe?

    I had a mini bottle of starsan in a cardboard box within a cardboard box under my bed with the cardboard box laying sideways. I stored it this way for about a year. Today, I’m looking under my bed and I see that the wood flooring and cardboard box are black in certain spots. I checked the...
  14. seanberger

    Houston, I might have a problem?

    Hello All, I started my first batch of kombucha on the 23rd, and I am thinking something went haywire. I submerged all of my equipment into boiling water, along with using said boiling water as the main component of water for my batch (after it cooled down of course!). Used my starter tea...
  15. M

    Mold on my mead?

    Good evening, a few days ago (14/04) I decided to make my own mead for the first time. I have used apples to do the fermentation process like on the recipe that I found on youtube. For the first and second days, obviousy i didn't have noticed any signs of fermentation. Today, when I checked it...
  16. L

    Name this infection.

    So I’m quite new. My wine was made with apples, oranges, and white grapes. After it sat for close to a month when a sort of ‘slime’ formed on the top. It was like little bubbles of slime sitting on top. So I carefully racked. This has been sitting for probably close to 8 weeks and now there is...
  17. Dr_Hops

    Can anyone please verify is this is mold?

    ...and does the cider need to be tossed. -5 weeks in a primary (no secondary) -dry hopped 2 weeks ago for 5 days. -cider has sat in primary for 10 days since.
  18. B

    Mold in Wild Cider - help!

    Hi all, After a successful first go at cider-making using store-bought juice and Montrachet yeast, I decided to try a wild fermentation using apples picked from a local orchard. I washed, then juiced the apples and had a very active primary fermentation, and after 5 days, when it was still...
  19. A

    New to Kombucha - Is it mold?

    Hey guys! Making my first Scoby and i'm not shure it worked out so good, but before i throw it out i want to hear from you experts: Is it mold or is it OK? Best regards, André
  20. L

    Mold in bottled cider

    This is our first attempt at making apple cider. All seemed to go well and we bottled the cider 12 days ago. Two of the bottles seem to have a white mold at the neck of the bottle. Do we need to throw it out? Is it harmful? Does anyone know if this was caused by some improper sterilization of...