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  1. M

    Nearly Undrinkable

    Good afternoon everyone, A month ago I started a batch of traditional mead with raw Acacia blossom honey. This stuff fermented down to bone dry in 10 days flat, and I racked. Obviously I have to sample it, and it was TERRIBLE. Strange smell, maybe some H2S but ultimately just smells weird...
  2. thisissami

    Has anybody ever made "mead" with raw cane sugar?

    I'm thinking about giving it a try. Replacing the honey with raw cane sugar. I really like the taste of that stuff when dissolved in water, and I bet it'd make a really yummy fermented drink!! Is there any reason that I'm oblivious to that I shouldn't even bother trying this? I added a raw...
  3. thisissami

    Ruh-roh... growth on my blackberries =/ Best steps to move forward?

    Hi All - looks like I've made a serious mistake by not stirring the blackberries after I closed the lid on the primary fermentor (I had a towel for the first 5-6 days and was stirring the blackberries 1-2 times a day in that period). It's been 2 days since I last stirred, and I just opened the...
  4. B

    How to reduce rack loss?

    This has come to my mind as I am planning a blueberry melomel in the near future, but I've encountered this problem before. I have been unfortunate in not managing this problem well because I didn't have the foresight to see it until it was there :/ I have a peach melomel that cloged the heck...
  5. thisissami

    Blackberry Sanitization Question

    Hi Everybody, I'm about to get started on my very first batch of Blackberry Melomel. I had a question related to ensuring that the blackberries I add to the mead won't ruin the batch. I picked these berries myself over the summer. I collected several KG of them... ate a bunch in the summer...
  6. thisissami

    Is there any chance that fruit bits left in cider will spoil?

    I'm making my first batch of cider now, and I left a whole bunch of apple peels in my primary as I've heard that this really helps give the cider a great flavor. One thing that just crossed my mind: do I need to worry about said fruit bits at all, or is it safe to assume it'll last as long as...
  7. M

    First Mead Log

    Fellow mead lovers, The purpose of this post is you show all you pros the process I’ve used to get my first mead started (first ferment ever actually) and just hopefully get some feedback and tips. Hope you guys enjoy reading it and can give me some advice for future batches. So I started with...
  8. M

    SNA Confusion

    I purchased everything I would need to start my first mead, a 1 gallon traditional dry mead, a couple months ago, some stuff came up and it got pushed back. I started researching SNA again to refresh my memory and it's got to be one of the hardest things to research. Most articles seem to be...
  9. mr_stout

    Mead bottles under pressure!

    After 3.5 months I bottled mead because it was at 1.000 F.G. I opened one flip top bottle and it foamed up like crazy. Why? after 3 1/2 months would it still be fermenting?
  10. B

    Honey Malt Braggot

    I have been considering on how to make a mead have a nice honey flavor without using a really large amount of honey. I’m fairly inexperienced when it comes to brewing. I’ve made a couple of extract batches and I’ve got a few gallons of cider fermenting but nothing exceptional. So I may be...
  11. Kent88

    Acidifying Mead(/pyment)

    So I have a pyment I made from 6lbs of honey, a 1-gallon red wine kit, and the White Labs sweet mead strain. I think the gravity is stable now (I used some yeast nutrient and it has been sitting for a few months, will be taking a gravity reading soon). When I transfered to secondary it tasted a...
  12. McLovin82

    Where to Buy Mead in TX/Online

    I have been homebrewing for about a year now, so when the most beautiful women in the world agreed to marry me, I knew that I would be brewing something special for the wedding. Based on our religious views, we decided to have a handfasting ceremony (an old pagan tradition) instead of a church...
  13. drunkmonkey

    Question about space at the top of a carboy

    Hey all, This is my first crack at making mead and so far so good (I hope). One quick question I would like to throw out there. The recipe I followed was for a slightly smaller carboy (18litres/5 gallons) but my carboy is 23litres/6 gallons and as you can see from the picture there is...
  14. 2ndGenBrewer

    Rose hip Melomel/Metheglin

    Rose Hip Melomel/Metheglin 4 gallons water 1 lb of dried Rose hips 1 tbsp of lemon juice 1/2 oz of Irish moss 1 tsp of LD Carlson yeast nutrient Lavin 71B-1122 15 lb of Ambrosia clover honey (from the west slope of Colorado) I boiled the rose hips for about 30 minutes, removed from...
  15. 2ndGenBrewer

    Rosamel or Melomel?

    Hello fellow brewers! I just topped off my first 5 gallon batch of mead to bulk age and not quite sure how to categorize it. (I done about six 1 gallon batches so far) Here is the recipe: 4 gallons water 1 lb of dried Rose hips 1 tbsp of lemon juice 1/2 oz of Irish moss 1 tsp of LD...
  16. I

    Apple Juice Starter - Is this right?

    I'm getting ready to make my first mead, an apple mead. I was planning to make a 3 gallon batch with 2 gallons apple juice (pasturized w/ no preservatives) and a gallon of water with around 9 lbs of honey. I made a starter yesterday for my White Labs sweet mead yeast. I filled a half gallon...
  17. W

    Aging Melomel- Too much head room?

    I've been making a blackberry melomel and it was in the primary 3 weeks then I racked the blackberries onto it and left it for 4 weeks. I just racked it off the fruit into a 5 gallon carboy for bulk aging. There's exactly 4 gallons of mead in the 5 gal carboy. Should I worry about oxidation...
  18. M

    Pear Cider and late honey addition?

    Hi. Some friends and I recently pressed about 200# of fresh organic pears to make 10gallons of pear cider. O.G. 1.053, Current Gravity 1.010. Pear cider usually ends up slightly sweet tasting. I want to take 1 or 2gallons and rack it into a carboy with honey. How much honey do I need...
  19. LazyPBar

    carlo rossi bottles to store mead?

    hey guys i am wanting to brew some mead soon and unfortunately we dont drink much wine, so no corkable bottles, however we do have quite a few one gallon carlo rossi jugs sitting around that we use for bbq basting. would these work with their regular screw cap to age mead in?:confused:
  20. stromam

    Orange Dreamsicle Experiment

    Hey everyone, I have a little experiment in mind and would love to get some second opinions. I just made up a 4 gallon batch of straight mead, just honey, water, nutrient and yeast, OG 1.070. I plan on splitting it into 4 one gallons after primary is done. I know what I'm going to do...