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  1. V

    Dark Souls Estus Flask Mead

    Here to show off my 1 gallon Dark Souls inspired mead! Used 4lbs Dutch Gold clover honey and 2 sticks of cinnamon for primary fermentation with Lalvin D-47. Came out to 14.4% ABV and is now sitting with half a vanilla bean and 1 gram of saffron for color. In a couple weeks I plan on adding a...
  2. M

    Did I just dead my yeast?

    Hello folks I'm new to Homebrewtalk and I'm looking forward to get to know more about mead making. I recently started to making my first mead. When I started my gravity (OG) was 1.110 and I wanted to make 14L mead in a 25L fermenter (I couldn't find anything smaller). 10.5L water for 5 kg...
  3. S

    When does Mead start bubbles and airlock bubble?

    Hi Guys. When does Mead start bubbling and airlock starts to bubble? Roughly? My ciders start on day one. Mead didn't move yet on day 2 at all. I know it's more dense and honey is more antibiotic. I just want to get rough idea so it doesn't go bad due to lots of sugar and fruit in there. If...
  4. S

    Mead on apple base recipe question?

    Good morning guys. I bought 365 Whole foods brand apple juice, 2 gallons. I have 5 lbs of honey. So i guess it will be 2.5 lbs of honey/gallon? + apple juice. I will have hydrometer by then. I would like to make mead from that base. Any good mead/cyser recipe you can recommend for me? I also...
  5. pizzamead

    Beginners brew questions/problem?

    Hey! This is my first time making mead ever and I'm worried about it. I started it on September 14th and made a simple gallon lemon, orange peel and 3lb honey brew with wine yeast and some yeast nutrient. The first two weeks started off great. It was bubbling every day and the honey was...
  6. cloudyp

    possibly stupid question

    hey! so this may be a very stupid question but i’m incredibly new to the world of brewing and mead! So i’m wondering, if i make a 5gal batch of standard honey mead with no added flavors could i, after primary fermentation, split that up and do like 2 different flavored or does it all have to...
  7. SchwiftyGlipGlop

    Yeastie boys - mead/melomel wlp775 English cider yeast

    Hi all! First time post, and research for my first mead. I have been using wlp English style cider yeast for brewing cider and plan on collecting and reusing the cider yeast potentially for a Mead/pyment. Has anyone here had any experience using 775 for a mead? After using it for a bit I’m...
  8. B

    First Time Bottle Questions

    I recently bottled my first batch of mead and made two mistakes. First, I didn't fill the bottles up far enough. They are filled to just under the neck of the bottle. Secondly, when I saw how much liquid was left at the bottom of the carboy, I got greedy and tried to siphon too much out, leading...
  9. R

    Mead is fermenting in secondary after resting for 3 months

    Hello, A few months ago i made a basic spiced mead. Fermentation stopped months ago and it’s been aging off the lees in a carboy since then. Recently it’s started bubbling and I noticed a small amount of scum on top. It smells fine. Is my mead in trouble?
  10. J

    How to avoid fermenting to dryness?

    Hello all, I'm a new user although I've been making beer, wine, mead and such for years. I've had an issue with the meads I've been making that isn't a huge deal but I'm wondering if there is a better solution. I have 2 current batches, one is a strawberry mean and one is a wild black...
  11. TheDannyMann

    High OG Mead Experiment

    So, we brewed some straight mead, and pitched our Lavalin 71B-1122 on brew day. We had a nutrient regimen we stuck to with Fermaid K and DAP. We believe our starting OG (of 1.16) hindered yeast production, but our SP right now is 1.09 and has stalled. It has been 6 weeks. Thoughts on if we...
  12. J

    Not enough yeast....

    Hi, I've just started off my second brew. I'm using 8kg of orange blossom to make 18L in total. However, I've just filled the fermenter and realised I only have 5g of yeast, I reckon I need at least 8g. it will be around 24 hours until I can get any more, should I add the 5g and top it up later...
  13. M

    Seeking Inspiration.

    Hey folks. I just bought a house and I'm trying to get my equipment set up so I can start making some mead again. I have a spacious closet in the garage already set aside to be my mead room, but I'm having difficulty deciding what form I want it to take. Id like to see pictures of your equipment...
  14. luis.salas

    Dip tube and sediments

    Hi, guys. I'm making my own bottling bucket with a dip tube but now I'm worried with the possibility that it will suck all the sediments into the last bottles, since it almost touches the ground of the bucket. Is this possible? Or there's a strange physical principle that will stop the...
  15. R

    Anyone ever brewed with Dragonfruit?

    We picked up a Dragonfruit today to just try it and the thing has a very mild, floral flavor. Anyone have any experience with this fruit in primary or secondary, particularly in cyser or mead?
  16. R


    YELLOW WATERMELONS from my local produce stand! They're supposed to be sweeter and taste more like honey. Testing alcohol potential of the juice. Highly considering making a mead with them. UPDATE: 1.030 SG from the juice itself and no additional sugars. Most likely going to do at least a 1gal...
  17. J

    Chocolate Blueberry JAOM Variant

    So I’ve been considering a couple different ideas for JAOM; chocolate orange spice mead and blueberry chocolate mead. Blueberry: -3.5 pounds wildflower honey -1 pound organic blueberries (frozen then crushed in cheesecloth) -1 oz cocoa nibs (present for secondary) Orange: -3.5 pounds clover...
  18. HonestlyJely

    Bentonite before or after Fermentation?

    Hi! So I'm coming up with my first mead recipe / process and am thinking I might use Bentonite AND Sparklloid to help me mead clear quickly. According to many winemakers online they like to add Bentonite to their must so that it circulates during primary fermentation. (They do caution to not...
  19. P

    Rotten Egg Smell

    Just racked my mead into a bucket for secondary, and I noticed a rotten egg-like smell. I've heard from a friend that using a bit of copper can clear out the smell, and that the batch should be fine so long as I get it out. I have a spare copper pressure tube cap that I can sanitize (still in...
  20. J

    Can I brew a 1 gallon batch in a 5 gallon bubbler?

    Title kinda says it all; I’ve got a 5 gallon wide mouth bubbler that I intend to use for a 1 gallon batch melomel. Do I need to worry about too much headspace and upgrade to a 3 or 4 gallon batch? Or is it fine?