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  1. Nubsan

    First mead research, need some help.

    Alright so i decided i was gonna get into mead making. Ive been doing alot of research in alot of different places and sometimes i cant make sense of it all as some information seems conflicting. For example i dont really understand if i should put honey in stages or not? Im gonna try to start...
  2. D

    Should my mead look like this during primary fermentation?

    1. I've noticed that my primary fermentation mead has so much debris floating around in it. Is this just the yeast or is it perhaps just suspended fruit pieces or something sinister? Im wondering if this a problem? 2. My mead has also been covered under a towel and whenever I check up on it...
  3. X

    Is there a difference in the formula for calculating titratable acid in wine and mead?

    Hi! I am fairly new to making mead, and the title reflects my question. I have read some articles about what TA is considered normal for mead, but none of them explained how to calculate it after titrating with a NaOH solution. I have seen a lot of formulas and methods to figure out the TA for...
  4. M

    Short term recipes

    I'm getting a free gallon fermenter (glass honey jar for honey I'm using in a melomel lol) what are some of the best sweet traditionals that can finish within 4-8 weeks and be drinkable? Kinda looking for something bottlable after primary but open to secondary to add some flavors like mulling...
  5. ceefo1

    Spices? fell to bottom of 1 gal mead carboy

    Hey all! New to mead making. I just started a primary with some ground spices and less than 5 minutes into the process, it seems they have all fallen to the bottom. I used 1tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ginger and 1/2 tsp nutmeg. I also used ec1118 for yeast and some ferm K. It's this normal? I've...
  6. Z

    Any advantages to using unfiltered honey?

    I'm looking at making my first batch of mead, and am planning to use clover honey. At the store they had both filtered and unfiltered available. My question: are there any advantages to paying a bit more for the unfiltered honey? From other posts I've read that unfiltered honey can cause the...
  7. William Wallace

    Is my cyser contaminated?

    Hello everyone, im new at home brewing and have tried my hand at cyser. I used 3lb of orange blossom honey, 1.5 liters of Treetop apple juice, D47 Lavlin yeast, and some dry yeast nurients. I am 4 weeks into fermentation and noticed this film at the top of the brew. It was rather frothy in the...
  8. CallMeKiupid

    Kiupid's Brews - Share your thoughts

    Hello all. After a first brew that I am sure is a disaster for now, 10 days into the fermentation it has been acting very erratic. I have identified many of the things I did wrong. So here is my second go. Components: Lalvin 71b, Blueberry blossom honey and clover honey respectively...
  9. Jordan Martin

    Are my recipes viable?

    Hello all. After a first brew that I am sure is a disaster for now, 10 days into the fermentation it has been acting very irratic. I have identified many of the things i did wrong. So here is my second go. Also i will highlight my questions in bold. Today I will be brewing 2..... YES THAT'S...
  10. CallMeKiupid

    My First Brews .... what should I look out for?

    As can be expected from a total Newbie and a first time Mead maker I am trying to wrap my head around it all. My query is in 2 separate and arguably unrelated parts. Part 1 I ordered my first mead making kit from CraftABrew. It comes with Lavalin d42 and some yeast nutrient. The recipe calls...
  11. neovalk

    Clareamento de hidromel com cítricos (laranja, limão)?

    Opa pessoal! Eu reparei um fenômeno engraçado nos meus experimentos com hidromel. Notei que quando eu faço um hidromel "purinho", só água e mel, o mosto fica bastante turvo mesmo com o fim da fermentação. Se eu não quiser esperar meses para decantar tudo, preciso usar bentonita para clarear...
  12. neovalk

    Hidromel com "dry-hopping" de erva-mate, alguém já fez?

    Olá pessoal! Primeiramente, desculpem se não pode postar sobre hidromel aqui. Vejo que mais se fala em cerveja no fórum brasileiro, apesar do internacional ter de tudo. Anos atrás eu fiz um hidromel "tradicional" e coloquei um pouco de erva mate tostada seca (chá mate Leão) em uma garrafa já...
  13. M

    airlock not sealed for a few months

    i'm making mead for the first time and i just went to rack it and realized the airlock wasn't tightly sealed, there were some gaps around where it was placed into the cap. i tasted it and it tastes really good actually, but i'm wondering if it's safe to drink? it's been fermenting a couple...
  14. M

    Is this normal?

    Hey all, first post here. I’m brewing my first ever batch of mead with a kit I ordered. I wanted to know a couple of things, 1: there’s this brown stuff around the neck of the bottle, is this yeast or did I possibly improperly sanitize the bottle and it’s something else? 2:is a kind of egg smell...
  15. Terrance Chief

    Hello from the Canadian prairies!

    I am brand spanking new to home brewing! Enjoying all the threads I'm reading here. Trying 2 different batches at the same time for my first time. I just ordered 1 kg(2.2 lbs) of raw unpasteurized honey and 2 kg(4.4 lbs) of unpasteurized wildflower honey. Planning to make an orange and blueberry...
  16. parks1031

    Cyser First Attempt

    Like the title says! Had a buddy buy some top notch cider from a farm in Maryland and found some orange blossom honey at a farmers market. Making a 1.5 gal batch with a starting gravity of 1.07 and used Lalvin 71b for the yeast. Going to use the TOSNA 2.0 calculator for nutrients (.9g of...
  17. Stace

    Length of fermentation--mead

    I'm curious... what's the longest you've had a Mead continue in fermentation (total time primary and secondary)?
  18. M

    Saving My Mead

    Hi all, I decided to make my first mead batch yesterday night. I will start by saying I decided on making a strawberry-pineapple mead, and I wanted this batch to be a sweet mead. The whole thing may have been a bit more advanced than I was ready for, and I made what was probably a few rookie...
  19. Belatu

    First Mead Plan - Check My Work

    Hello, I will soon be embarking on my first mead adventure. I've put together an equipment/ingredient list as well as some calculations in this google sheet. If an experienced mead master could take a look and check it over I would greatly appreciate it. I'm also wondering what the correct...
  20. willbrown1020

    What does it mean to aerate?

    What does it mean to aerate? Does it mean to open the container or to stir? If it’s stir then how gently? I’m following a mead recipe and it calls for aeration