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Aug 28, 2019
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Hello all,

I just joined the forum but I have been learning from it for quite some time now. I've been bottling my mead and ciders in Grolsch style bottles that I'm reusing from buying drinks that use them. I also have some Captain Morgan 750ml bottles and after some testing, I believe I can cork them instead of just using the screw caps they originally came with. I only make still drinks and don't foresee an issue. I'd like to age for 6+ months & have not attempted to with the Grolsch I currently use.

Has anyone done this or something similar? or should I just use actual wine bottles?
Oh yeah, it's good and tight. I'm using size 8 corks, for anyone who may be wondering. :yes:
I’ve had some mead in bale top bottles a few years now with no problem. I cork for gift giving and grape wine kits, for no other reason than it just seems “proper”.
Most of this batch will be for gifts or I'd still just use the Grolsch. I just feel like corked would last better since a few are getting mailed somehow. I haven't really looked into that part yet. I'd guess UPS? I'll google it later.

Good to know I can age it in my current set up. Should make for some tastier options on date nights.
The usps is an absolute no according to their rules. The other shippers have the right to refuse alcohol. The phrase for sending beer to competition is “l’m sending samples for analysis” and I don’t state that it is beer or not when they ask. UPS here always asks and Fedex has only asked if the address is a brewery or LHBS.
Ahh, I'll be sending these to residential addresses. So no worries on where it is going. Just how it's getting there. Signature required, of course!
Forgot to post a photo of the finished product. Just a basic apple juice & brown sugar hard cider that I aged for a few months, sur lie (with a little left in after bottling). I don't do competitions and such, so I don't really worry about presentation. I kept one and sent one UPS to my parents.


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