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  1. D

    A Series of Unfortunate Brewing Accidents

    A Series of Unfortunate Brewing Accidents It happens multiple times throughout a homebrewers career. You do your best to prevent mishaps large and small, but at the end of the day, human error is judge jury and executioner. Usually no one actually gets hurt in these accidents, and looking back...
  2. D

    Blending Sour And Funky Mead P IV: Berliner Style Meads

    Sour and Funky Mead Making Pt IV: Berliner Style Meads Previous Parts can be found here: Part 1: Lambic Mead making https://www.homebrewtalk.com/lambic-sour-and-funky-mead-making-pt-1.html Part 2: Adding Fruit https://www.homebrewtalk.com/lambic-sour-and-funky-mead-making-pt-2.html Part 3...
  3. D

    Sour, and Funky Mead Making Part III : Blending

    If you missed Part one, it can be found here. Part two is on adding fruit, it can be found here. Blending So, last time we left off with different strategies for adding fruit to your sour meads. But what happens when your batch loses its complexity, becoming one dimensional? Maybe it's too...
  4. D

    Hydromels - Making Sessionable Meads

    Making meads can get expensive, not to mention time consuming. Good quality varietal honey can be pricey and meads may not reach their prime until 7-12 months. A lot of people I see end up aiming for these high ABV (16-18%) sack meads. They throw in 4 pounds of honey per gallon and some...
  5. B

    Current Mead Making Techniques

    Mead is a fermented beverage made purely from honey. It is not beer or wine. As a result, mead making follows a completely different set of rules from wine or beer making. The purpose of this article is to teach you how to make delicious mead using current techniques. In the past, mead has been...
  6. CsaintG

    My First Mead

    My name is Christopher J. A. Saint Germain. I am a photojournalist for the Army National Guard. I have been in the active military for most of my adult life and never have had the chance to start brewing. I've never lived in one place long enough. The closest I've ever come was making a batch of...
  7. CsaintG

    My First Mead

    My name is Christopher J. A. Saint Germain. I am a photojournalist for the Army National Guard. I have been in the active military for most of my adult life and never have had the chance to start brewing. I've never lived in one place long enough. The closest I've ever come was making a batch of...
  8. M

    Mold on my mead?

    Good evening, a few days ago (14/04) I decided to make my own mead for the first time. I have used apples to do the fermentation process like on the recipe that I found on youtube. For the first and second days, obviousy i didn't have noticed any signs of fermentation. Today, when I checked it...
  9. the_queen_bee

    Organic, Fair Trade Honey for Brewing at +50% OFF!

    We just took delivery of the most delicious brewing honey on the planet... and it's in the wrong package! We can't sell it in stores, so we are passing this deal on to Home Brewers... because we're home brewers too! This is organic, fair trade honey at a remarkable discount – less than half...
  10. R

    So I took my sample today, and I would like some advice (first timer here)

    So I took the sample on my first mead today. Ive made some very crude recipes in the past but nothing with hydrometers or racking or any of that. This is my first proper attempt and I have been making a wild berry and treacle mead. It's stopped all air bubbles in the airlock, it's darkened...
  11. Bertramhage

    How to know when primary fermentation is over when speed is slow (Wild fermentation)

    I put over a batch of mead now a month ago with good quality local honey and added some raisins and prunes for nutrients. I’m doing a wild fermentation without any added yeasts or sulfites. It took a bit for fermentation to start but is now bubbling - however slowly. I’ve read from other sources...
  12. T

    Apple Pie Mead Attempt

    Hey y’all! First off, I just wanted to thank everyone here. I’m pretty new to the mead world, and your posts have helped me learn a lot in the short time I’ve been here. To business, I’m trying to make an Apple pie mead to be enjoyed around Thanksgiving/Christmas time, and I wanted to run the...
  13. A

    Beginning meadist.... possibly confused

    Hello! I'm making my first mead and just need to know if someone can tell me if I'm on the right track. I got very limited help from the person at the homebrew store. In a 6.5 gallon glass carboy, I mixed: 3.5 gallons of boiled water (tap) 18 lbs of honey I was told to take a gravity reading...
  14. M

    Cork Guinness Draught bottles?

    Probably been covered on another thread, but are the Guinness Draught bottles okay to cork mead in?
  15. G

    Cinnamon vanilla mead?

    I recently decided to make a 1 gallon batch of mead. For my mead I am using Saigon cinnamon sticks and Madagascar vanilla beans. The Yeast I’m using is Lalvin EC-1118 (thoughts?). I was planning on leaving it in the primary for about a month, and then racking to secondary for 2ish weeks. How...
  16. FortuneMead

    How to back sweet and carbonate with honey

    I'm ready to bottle my 5gal batch of very gingery ginger mead. I need to back sweet to cut the overly ginger bite. My f.g is at 0.996 and holding for over a week now which makes me think fermentation has finished abv of 12.3%. I did not cold crash it nor added any chemicals yet. I want to add a...
  17. V

    How to get my wild fermented mead going??

    So I decided I wanted to wild ferment my mead. I have a 1.5 gallon big mouth bubbler (fantastic for making fruit infused mead/cider), and I added about 3 pounds of raw honey to a bit less than a gallon of water. I started this process on 1/11/20 and I have been stirring it at least once daily (I...
  18. Tadeusz Leliwa

    Pure meas turned out weak...

    Dear elders in mead-making, Any suggestions where I went wrong? I made my first pure mead, rather than melomel or metheglin. I have used 3kg of honey (various sorts), dissolved in water to make a 5 litre solution. I have added 1g of wine nutrient and 2 Campden tablets. I had an initial gravity...
  19. R

    Hello, I’m new to mead making and want some advice on my first attempt

    So I’m making my first batch, and I’m following the instructions I have for the yeast of 30-35 degrees Celsius. I’ve noticed the honey has pretty much sunk to the bottom of the solution though. I’ve tried reddit and been told this means the fermentation will be quite hard to get going properly...
  20. David138

    5 gallon lemon spiced mead question

    Just raked for secondary fermentation. When I put the top on and then the bung, some of the water from the airlock dripped into the mead. Is this bad, will it turn out ok?