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  1. R

    Anyone ever brewed with Dragonfruit?

    We picked up a Dragonfruit today to just try it and the thing has a very mild, floral flavor. Anyone have any experience with this fruit in primary or secondary, particularly in cyser or mead?
  2. R


    YELLOW WATERMELONS from my local produce stand! They're supposed to be sweeter and taste more like honey. Testing alcohol potential of the juice. Highly considering making a mead with them. UPDATE: 1.030 SG from the juice itself and no additional sugars. Most likely going to do at least a 1gal...
  3. J

    Chocolate Blueberry JAOM Variant

    So I’ve been considering a couple different ideas for JAOM; chocolate orange spice mead and blueberry chocolate mead. Blueberry: -3.5 pounds wildflower honey -1 pound organic blueberries (frozen then crushed in cheesecloth) -1 oz cocoa nibs (present for secondary) Orange: -3.5 pounds clover...
  4. HonestlyJely

    Bentonite before or after Fermentation?

    Hi! So I'm coming up with my first mead recipe / process and am thinking I might use Bentonite AND Sparklloid to help me mead clear quickly. According to many winemakers online they like to add Bentonite to their must so that it circulates during primary fermentation. (They do caution to not...
  5. P

    Rotten Egg Smell

    Just racked my mead into a bucket for secondary, and I noticed a rotten egg-like smell. I've heard from a friend that using a bit of copper can clear out the smell, and that the batch should be fine so long as I get it out. I have a spare copper pressure tube cap that I can sanitize (still in...
  6. J

    Can I brew a 1 gallon batch in a 5 gallon bubbler?

    Title kinda says it all; I’ve got a 5 gallon wide mouth bubbler that I intend to use for a 1 gallon batch melomel. Do I need to worry about too much headspace and upgrade to a 3 or 4 gallon batch? Or is it fine?
  7. S

    Session Mead Fermentation Speed?

    Hi All, I've got a few batches of mead on the go, and waiting patiently for them to finish, but as I wanted something to have a bit sooner I thought I'd have a go at a session mead. I was expecting it to ferment faster and need less aging time. It's been exactly 1 week since brew day, and I...
  8. Midgardmiller13

    White whispy mead sediment after fermentation

    Hey guys, my last three batches of mead have turned up with this weird looking yeast post ferment and it smells very sour. I haven't run into this problem with the last 10 gallons I've made though. I was wondering if anybody has run into problems like this. I don't think it infected as I'm very...
  9. Bertkrawl

    "Crazy" Idea!

    Hey everyone, New member & first time posting. My father-in-law called today with a crazy idea for a batch of mead. He had a question that exceeded my knowledge of the process. He gathered his honey (orange blossom) and his yeast (unknown) from a brew shop in Austin, Tx. For the water he wants...
  10. R

    Off flavors?? Or just needing age?

    I recently brewed a cyser and it's down to 1.01 almost ready to bottle. Took a sample for gravity reading and tasted but it was pretty good but a bit sour tasting. Is this because it hasn't been clarified yet? Also, should I let it ferment for a bit longer before cold crashing and bottling? Can...
  11. J

    Mead without an airlock?

    Hi everyone, I started my first batch of Meade yesterday, I have left it in a plastic bucket with a sealed lid but no airlock. Do I need to release the CO2 if so how often and does it matter if oxygen gets into the mixture? Many thanks, Josh
  12. W

    Hop long would a Rowan berry mead keep?

    Hey everyone, New to forum life so forgive any ignorance. So I have been brewing mead exclusively for about 4 years now. Improving and experimenting with every new batch. My son Rowan’s first birthday is in a few weeks and I wanted to brew a Rowan berry batch of mead to drink on his legal...
  13. A

    Brewing A Braggot - Meads Combined with Malted Barley

    Some of you, when you saw this article knew exactly what you were going to see. Others of you, probably saw the word braggot and wondered, “The heck’s a braggot?” I admit, less than a year ago, I fell squarely into the second camp. Before I started home brewing and reading books about the...
  14. S

    The Meadmaker's Corner: Categorizing Your Mead

    When I started looking into making mead it seemed so very simple. Dump some honey in some water, add some yeast, ignore it for a while, and tada! Nectar of the Gods in your bottle. And sure, you can get mead that way, but as I started researching, I found a whole lot more information on the...
  15. J

    Accelerated BOMM Experiments

    Bray’s one month mead (BOMM) thread had me fascinated in accelerating fermentation as soon as I stumbled upon it at homebrew talk. The entire idea is centered around the fact that mead generally takes longer to ferment, clear, and age because the yeast are stressed to a greater degree than what...
  16. S

    Meadmakers Corner: Brewing A Cyser

    One of the great things about being a homebrewer is being able to use what’s in season where you are, and being able to get it into your brew at the peak of freshness. As summer has slipped away from us, we are now welcoming the fall. Hay rides, harvests, and of course apples? Apples you might...
  17. S

    Meadmakers Corner: A History of Mead: A Tale Over 8 Millennia in the Making

    I often find that when I am a launching into a project, it can be very helpful to know the background and history of what I’m doing. So I’ve decided to begin with various notes about mead, and the natural starting point should be the history. We’ll take a look at how we came across this beverage...
  18. T

    Beekeeping 101

    Honey bees working to fill each comb with honey and cap it off. Bees are one of nature’s most amazing and complex insects, and one of the more useful for humans, flora, and fauna. Pollination of plants and flowers is crucial in farms and agriculture, as well as for wildlife. Beekeeping is...
  19. D

    Mead Making - The Profiling of Honey

    Mead Making: The Profiling of Honey Not too long ago, I was at a homebrew club meeting where I was the only mead maker in attendance. This was not for a lack of interest by the other members, they just hadn't made mead yet. When I presented my meads for tasting, I got a lot of questions and I...
  20. D

    A Marriage Of Beer And Mead: Braggots

    A Marriage of Beer and Mead: Braggots Crisp, malty, and maybe hoppy beer; combined with aromatic, bright floral honey. Add a bit of carbonation (or maybe not) and what do you get? A braggot. A braggot is a type of mead that also uses brewing ingredients like hops, malt, or both. They are...