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  1. leakygutgal_newbie

    First Scoby - damaged shipment Help!

    Okay This Scoby just arrived: Brine was dripping everywhere inside the huge box Amazon supplied. I've never tried to brew anything before, but the scoby itself looks okay to me and there's about 4 ounces of liquid left. Can I salvage this? And if so, how? Should I just put everything in the...
  2. P

    Is it possible to start my own Kombucha from these probiotics without a scoby?

    Meaning can I create kombucha from scratch without a mother, scoby or store bought kombucha?
  3. D

    How to control alcohol and have good carbonation?

    So i have been practicing home style kombucha brewing from last 3 years and finally decided to move into more commercial aspect of business. However, i found out that to be in non-alcoholic segment of market, i need to have less than 0.5% alcohol in my product, which i couldn't control with...
  4. B

    Sanitizing Kombucha Glass Jar or Stainless Vessel

    Hi everyone:D, I wanna ask , i just saw, there is sanitizer called HOCL or hypochlorous acid , it safe if swallowed and also kill bacteria. Can i use it in my glass jar before brewing kombucha? Substitude for star san. Thankyou.
  5. D

    No bubbles in airlock, no fizz in the product

    I am preparing kombucha in a SS conical fermenter of 60 litre and in my secondary fermentation i added carrot and turmeric as flavoring. The current volume of liquid is 40 litre in a 60 litre conical fermenter. For first two days, i could see bubbles rising up in airlock, but now nothing. Also...
  6. K

    Do my scobies have mould?

    Greetings friends, I have 2 bottles containing scobies which I last fed with green tea in October 2020 but kept them (scoby hotel) in a dark container and today (1 June 2021), I finally took them out wanting to make a fresh batch of Kombucha, however I noticed that on the top layer of both...
  7. J

    Question about Second Kombucha Batch and Scoby

    Hi I've started to learn how to brew and was happy to find this forum. I bought a starter's kit and followed the instructions for the first batch, which came out tasty. Before i begin the second batch, i wanted to conform that the mix im starting with looks and smells the way it should. The...
  8. R

    Adding more Tea, Recipe

    I started my first brew yesterday and I have a couple of questions: - I used this recipe: 1 tablespoon Loose black tea; 100grams of Sugar; 3 pints of water. Does that ratio sound ok? - I’ve got a 4 litre Kilner Jar with a flip top. At the moment I covered the jar with cloth. Could I close the...
  9. V

    Is my kombucha okay? Or is that mole

    Hi I’m brewing my first batch of kombucha! My scoby is at the bottom but on top there is this cloudy thing, is that mole? I hope that someone can help me☺
  10. J

    Cloudy white stuff found on Kombucha scooby

    Did a few rounds of Kombucha but this is the first time I encounter this! Is this actually mold? The whole jar smells good though, doesn’t have any foul smell.
  11. I

    Strange scoby

    Good evening everybody, I am here to ask for an advice on the strange apparence of my Kombucha scoby... I started fermenting a scoby from scratch on 11th December 2020, by using a non-pasteurized and non-flavoured green tea kombucha purchased by shop. This is my first attempt ever on fermenting...
  12. C

    wild kombucha starter?

    I was looking around to see if anyone has created a SCOBY from wild yeast and almost everyone said that it's nearly impossible. but why? why can you ferment tea like you can other things. so i went outside with a knife and some clean labeled bags and collected a few different things. i collected...
  13. S

    First time - is this mould?

    Hey, So I’m 6 days into my first ever Kombucha fermentation and I thought I’d sneak a peak under the cloth today to see how it’s shaping up, and I think that mould might be forming on the surface (but I’m not sure...) There are about 6 white circles that look at bit furry - is this mould? Or...
  14. Jacob M Brown

    I want to make high alcohol Kombucha

    I want to make high alcohol kombucha. I watched a video about it on Youtube which piqued my interest. I was about to buy a bunch of stuff on Amazon but I thought I should get better information from my friends at Homebrew Talk. What kind of wine yeast should I get? The youtube video said I...
  15. B

    Kombucha Commercial Brewery Alcohol problem

    Hi, I am a Kombucha brewer that provides 4 different flavoured Kombucha products for Food stores throughout South Africa. I have no background in actual food science so my knowledge regarding live organisms and interactions with each other is limited to the internet. Firstly- Primary...
  16. Croucho

    Baby scoby clouds? Advice please!

    Hello friends, A cloudy gathering has collected at the bottom of a jar in my fridge containing a second ferment (aka without a scoby). What is it? Has anyone seen this before? I'm hoping its baby scoby clouds. What do I do? Thanks in advance for your help!
  17. T

    Does my Scoby look ok ??

    Iv recently got into kombucha brewing, my first batch has a odd growth which im assuming is just normal scoby growth but i just wanted to make sure what everyone else thinks ??
  18. Scott83

    My 5 Gallon Kombucha Set-Up

    My wife's setup currently is a kit from Williams-Sonoma. This is a 5L (approx 1.3 gallon) kit. The kombucha has been turning out great. She does primary fermentation in this glass jar and then transfers to 16 oz swing top bottles for secondary fermentation with various combinations of different...
  19. seanberger

    Houston, I might have a problem?

    Hello All, I started my first batch of kombucha on the 23rd, and I am thinking something went haywire. I submerged all of my equipment into boiling water, along with using said boiling water as the main component of water for my batch (after it cooled down of course!). Used my starter tea...
  20. H

    A (Slightly Schizophrenic) Kombucha Primer

    I've always enjoyed fermenting things, ever since I made my first hard cider when I was 19 and not cool enough to have friends that were old enough to buy me beer... er, I mean, 21 years old and not a day younger. I am fascinated as much by the process as I am the finished product. Cider, beer...