First time - is this mould?

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Sep 4, 2020
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So I’m 6 days into my first ever Kombucha fermentation and I thought I’d sneak a peak under the cloth today to see how it’s shaping up, and I think that mould might be forming on the surface (but I’m not sure...)
There are about 6 white circles that look at bit furry - is this mould? Or is this normal? I’ve attached some pics and grateful for any advice!

It sure looks suspicious for mold. :(
Did you use plenty of starter tea? That's what keeps the pH low enough so that mold can't/won't form.

Thank you for replying.

You may be right that I haven’t used enough starter tea... I ordered this scoby which came in about 50ml of starter tea (I didn’t add any more) and added that to 4500ml of tea/water (300g sugar). Temperature has been between 21 - 22 degrees for the 6 days and I keep it in a darkish corner of the kitchen... might have to order a new scoby, sterilise the kit and start again! Second time lucky...

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