Do my scobies have mould?

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Jun 1, 2021
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Greetings friends, I have 2 bottles containing scobies which I last fed with green tea in October 2020 but kept them (scoby hotel) in a dark container and today (1 June 2021), I finally took them out wanting to make a fresh batch of Kombucha, however I noticed that on the top layer of both scobies, there are white powdery circles which i'm wondering if it is safe for me to just throw away the top layer of the scoby and reuse the bottom layer?

Ps: I did a little googling and it could be possible that the lttle white spots are simply mini SCOBYs forming on the top surface. But i'm rly not too sure... would need a seasoned kombucha brewer for advice.

Photos uploaded.

Thanks and cheers!


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