How to control alcohol and have good carbonation?

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dhruv verma

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Jun 18, 2021
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So i have been practicing home style kombucha brewing from last 3 years and finally decided to move into more commercial aspect of business.
However, i found out that to be in non-alcoholic segment of market, i need to have less than 0.5% alcohol in my product, which i couldn't control with homebrew style kombucha.

I have invested in conical fermenters ans bottles, place and some special ingredients which cost me overall 6000 usd, which in my side of the world is a very big amount.

Need some good advice on how can I control alcohol or keep it below 0.5% and also achieve good carbonation for bottling.
Aerate your starter and your main booch tank.
It creates strong plentiful bacteria which eat the alcohol. I used this method and my kombuchs tested .012%.

Once your fermentation is complete, you must refrigerate.

Then you must force carbonate and counterpressure bottle.

To go commercial, and make money, you'll probably need at least $30,000 USD worth of equipment.

For example:
2 1000 liter fermentation tanks.
10x10x10 walk in cooler.
1 10 bbl brite tank.
1 4 head counterpressure bottling machine.
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