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  1. T

    First time recipe!

    Hi brewmasters! This is my first post and I am also very new to the craft of brewing. I have done two brewing kits (chinook IPA / Hazy) but now wanted to go wild and try to make my own recipe for a Belgian Wheat Ale. Trying to make 5gal recipe - was going to us 6lbs of Pilsner DME (using Palmer...
  2. B

    Open Fermentation Too Hot Too Fast Wyeast 3787

    Brewed a Belgian Patersbier the other day with an OG of 1.052. Build a starter with Wyeast 3787 the week before on a stirplate---crashed for 4-5 days and decanted on brew day. Pitched the yeast in 68 degree wort and placed fermenter in my chamber, lid off. But I forgot to turn the fridge on...
  3. J

    Favorite Belgian Ale Recipe

    Nearly 2 years ago, I fell in love with Belgian and Belgian inspired ales and started a quest to brew a beer I felt tasted and smelled like the beers which I loved. I've had some limited relative success. Please share your favorite Belgian ale recipe or that which you feel best exemplifies this...
  4. Gregory T

    Kegging Trappists carbonation settings

    I kegged my first beer recently after years of bottling. I typically carb my Belgians to approximately 3.25. I’m curious what settings people are using to carbonate their Belgians in kegs? Also, do you serve at the same pressure? At 40°F my pressure would be at 20psi. Which seems high for...
  5. B

    Off-Flavors, Super Dry Finish / Aftertaste

    I brewed the Lefse Blonde extract kit from Northern Brewer. In primary for about a week, secondary for two weeks, in bottles for two weeks so far. I'm getting a very dry (too dry) finish and some off-flavors I can't put my finger on. Any thoughts as to where I went wrong on this one? Not...
  6. Protos

    Belgian Yeast Phenols & Esters: Rack From Promary ASAP to Retain Them?

    Gentlemen, I'm mastering brewing Belgian ales. Recently I was advised to rack Belgian ales from the primary vessel as soon as the FG is reached (i. e. bottling after just 8 or 10 days in primary, not after 4 weeks as I usually do). That's supposed to be a way to retain the most of the unique...
  7. Darth_Morris

    Mysterious color change in bottled beer

    Hey everyone! I've been brewing beer for some time now and have come across a very strange issue. At first I thought it was an oxidation problem, but after being incredibly careful with my racking and bottling, I am starting to think it may be something else. Now, I am not saying my bottling is...
  8. K

    W-34/70 Phenolic?

    I used 34/70 for a Pilsener (Pils, Vienna, Carafoam, Biscuit; Saaz and Pacific Jade) I brewed before Thanksgiving and am now getting a strong phenolic character in the beer. It was clean for several months, scored high 30s in a local competition, and had a nice lager character for that time. I...
  9. R

    Stalled fermentation suggestions

    Hello everyone, Around one month ago I tried brewing a one gallon batch of Belgian red ale using Belgian Abbey II Yeast (Wyeast 1762). OG was 1.045, which sounded fine at the time, however after 14 days it had only reached 1.030. Waited for another 7 days, while rousing the wort once a day...