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For Sale All-Grain homebrew setup

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Mar 2, 2016
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All-Grain Homebrew setup. Everything you need to brew your own beer. Works fantastic and I’ve used it to make a variety of beers including Belgian Triple, Blood Orange Hefeweizen, Irish Stout, Vanilla Porter, etc.

25-gallon equipment – easy to make 5-10+ gallons without spilling. I’m in Dayton, OH. Let me know if you have any questions.

Asking $650 for everything. Looking to sell as a full lot. Includes:
  • 3-tier homebrew stand on wheels – Super sturdy!
  • 25-gallon Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) w/ built-in thermometer and spout
  • 25-gallon mash tun cooler with built in spout
  • 25-gallon boil kettle w/ spout
  • Dual propane burners. I believe 220 BTU. Plenty powerful to boil 10+ gallons.
  • Large copper immersion wort chiller
  • Small copper immersion wort chiller
  • 60-liter fermenter


  • full setup.jpg
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  • 3-tier stand.jpg
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  • 25g brew kettles.jpg
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  • mash tun.jpg
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  • mash tun-open.jpg
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  • wort chillers.jpg
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  • 60l fermentor.jpg
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