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New York "Spike" (Electric brewery) Never Used

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Sep 17, 2021
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Dear Fellow Homebrewers,

This is by far one of the gnarliest most robust straight forward systems on the market.
I have new unused components for building an "Electric brewery"
I never completed my brewery for unforeseen reasons!

I will send you a list of items for sale with current prices and its markdown 20% + some savings due to rounding.
I have for sale a 50 Amp Brew panel for back to back brewing of 15-20 gallon batches ( I believe this can be scaled up and down a bit )
3 x 20 Gallon G1 Boilermaker kettles
1 x Stainless HERMS coil
3 x Electric Temp Probes
2 x March Pumps
2 x Heating elements
All Cables needed
Counter flow wort Chiller for high volume chilling
And some other small items.
I can send a break down of pricing but this is priced at $3206.00 + $700 (for the unused kettles) Priced to sell. (Best Offer Entertained)