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For Sale Complete Keggle to Keg & Bottle System

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May 4, 2021
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I brew professionally now so I’m selling my entire system.
Everything you need to go from grain to glass except propane tanks, keeping those.

Keggle brewhouse with 13.2 gal HLT and 15.5 gal mash & kettle, 3 burners, pump w/ waterproof switch, and my DIY overkill 50’ counterflow wort chiller. All just freshened up with a citric acid cycle.

Glass carboys- two 6.5 gal, one 6 gal, five 5 gal. 2 Brew Hauler carrying straps & 4 neck handles. All the stoppers, airlocks, and blow-offs you need.

Kegs- 6 ball-lock Cornelius, these need new post O-rings but are otherwise fine.

Bottles- a few cases of 12 & 22 oz browns. Take em or leave em, not considered in asking price.

Keggerator- unaltered GE 7 cuFt chest freezer (holds 3 kegs + CO2 tank), Johnson analog temp controller, 5 lb CO2 tank (fairly certain it’s full), Micromatic premium dual gauge regulator with cage, counter pressure bottle filler.

Everything else you’ll need- tubing, connectors, refractometer, hydrometer, magnetic stir plate, flasks, bottle capper, etc. See photos for a full list.

Extras- well used whiskey barrel (~3 gal, needs rehab), 55 gal food grade drum (used this to collect chilling water for reuse but you could ferment in it if you really wanted to)

I put a ton of $ and time into this system and even won some contests with it, just don’t have time or a need for it now. I’m not willing to sell individual pieces at this time.

Asking $1,500
Local pickup in SF east bay
PM with questions

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Update & lower price!
Asking $1,000 now.

Tried out the the chest freezer last week and it does not freeze anymore. It still gets cold, it's just not fully operational.
Free to anyone who wants to pick it up (Berkeley, CA area).

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