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Apr 17, 2015
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Decided to take a break from Mead making and make a couple of these wine kits. We followed every step except opening the primary to push down the bag of grapeskins and stir it up every day. (It probably did get kicked around a bit, the bucket was in the kitchen) My question is will the taste be off? I did squeeze the heck out of the bagged skins when we transferred it and the gravity is spot on. I love red wine so I'm hoping it will still turn out.

Would be nice if the good people at Winexpert made directions even more crystal clear for those of us enjoying wine while we're making wine...


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Jan 7, 2013
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The main reasons that punching down the cap is desirable is that the wine will have a richer color, flavor, and astringency (think tannins), not to mention that leaving the cap floating on top runs the risk of bacterial growth.

During the early stages of fermentation, the physical act of punching down, introduces oxygen into the yeast cells, and kick-starts the fermentation process. It also helps distribute the yeast cells throughout the must.
Punching down also helps dissipate heat that naturally occurs during fermentation.
If the cap dries out, a bacterial growth is more likely.