Sterling and Chinook

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Sep 4, 2019
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My 2nd year Sterling and Chinook produced lots of hops. I brew other beers with these varieties, but never together

Anyone out there in Beer-land have a recipe that uses these two in combination?

Not real sure they'll work together, but willing to try.

a hoppy pils? a czech IPA?

suggestions welcome!
Hmmm, interesting idea. I’d use the chinook for the early addition and the sterling for a late addition. I’m not sure they compliment each other, both have spiciness as descriptors, and both are duel use hops. I had some bines crisscross, so I’ve only got 3 varieties that I’m sure about. You could just keep them separate and use something like magnum for bettering and your home grown for aroma.
chinook is a great bittering hop but I love the aroma more. The pine dank spice is right up my alley. Without knowing the AA% of your hops I'd probably just use them in the whirlpool or as dry hops.

I dig your idea for a hoppy pils. I cant taste it now!
You have inspired me... think I’ll brew some sort of Sterling, Crystal, chinook IPA in the next couple weeks.
Avery, wow. Hadn't even thought about them. Good call
I'll dig around for recipes

Thank you for the offer, if I can't find what I'm after, I'll drop you a line.