Star San touchy-touchy?

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Dec 5, 2007
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Ann Arbor, MI
Okay, my friend and I have just converted over to Star San, but once we got it home, we were terrified by the bottle warnings. Is Star San safe to touch with a naked (e.g. ungloved) hand when in its properly diluted form?
Well, I've sprayed it on my hands before I crushed some fruit for wine and I'm still here to tell about it. I've even accidently drank some (long story). So, aside from some dry skin for a little while, I'm fine!
I sure hope so. I usually dip my hands or fingers in it before picking up something I'm going to dip in the wort (wine thief, spoon, etc.) or when handling the stopper while taking samples.

Aside from the massive oozing welts and the beginnings of stigmata, I'm fine.

I would try not to touch it in the concentrated form. Once mixed it should be OK. If you have cuts on you hands it will burn and I have noticed that after handling it for a while my hands do start to get irritated.
I practically bathe in the stuff during a session. It splashes everywhere and I purposefully wet my hands with it while handling items that will need sanitized. The only time I've ever had a problem was when I spilled a few drops of the undiluted starsan on my hand and didn't wipe it off. After like 10 mins, it got red and a little itchy. I survived ;)
I am pretty sure its safe. had a while ago about star san. I also remember the creator of the product saying it is safe to drink in the diluted form, i never put that to the test though.
It is fairly safe in the dilute form. It will dry your skin out after a while but not much beyond that. I would not recommend handling the concentrated solution without gloves.
Properly diluted Star San is safe to drink, let alone touch. People dump their used Star San on their lawn without much issue.