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May 3, 2010
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Long Beach
Alright, I'm no professional beer judge but i'll give these my best shot.

These beers were delivered almost a week ago and I'm finally getting around to trying them.

First beer to get opened was one of the commercial offerings.

Southern Tier Unearthly.

9.5% Imp IPA.

Nice golden color, little bit darker than what we get a lot of out here on the west coast. The smell immediately reminded me of a dogfish 90 which is one of the few East coast IPA's I've had much of.

Nice and hoppy, doesn't come off as a 9.5% beer. I shared it with two friends and they both assumed it was lower than that at first taste. Finish is very dry. Leaves you wanting more. A very good IIPA.

Next up is the homebrewed all Simcoe IPA 6.7%

Lots of Simcoe right off the bat. Pours with a strong head and is nice and clear. Not sure if you dry hop or not, my dry hopped IPA's using pellets always have hop haze so it's nice seeing a good clear IPA.

Decent malt backbone and a bit of alcohol warmth. Overall a good ipa. Thanks for sending 2!