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Aug 8, 2007
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I was reading on Sam Adams' website about this years longshot winners. I was wondering, who here entered? what did you enter? How did it do? and If your planning on doing it again this year.

Also, are any of the three who won this year, or last year on this website?
Not on this forum, but Mike McDole is on the Brewing Network (goes by the name Tasty McDole now :) ) He's the longshot winner who got shafted by the hop shortage. He made a Pliney the Elder clone, a super hoppy IPA, and there litterally aren't enough hops for sam adams to produce it. Thats why this years six pack only has two peoples beers in it. I seriously teared up a bit when I heard that, I'm on the east coast and I would kill for a taste of Pliney, or even a clone of it. That stuff is legendary on the west coast.

Ya I was wanting to try it too. I saw that he won and was thinking "that sounds incredible" Thats why I was hoping he was on here to talk to him about it. I live in So. Oregon and there is not a wiff of Russian River stuff up here. Probably because all of the local breweries.
A guy in my homebrew club entered and won (2007). His weisen bock is one of the featured beers. He got a four pack of the SA longshot winners (they aren't out yet) and brought it to our last meeting. I tried his beer and it wasn't bad. I'm not a huge fan of bock's (too sweet for me) but it really wasn't bad. There was another beer made with grapes that a lot of people liked, though I didn't try it.